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ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY! $100 Minimum or 1/4 minimum. We have high quality indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Menu changes frequently!


We serve all of DC. DONATION ACCEPTED ONLY. ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY. Our menu is updated weekly. Open from 10:00 AM to 8:30pm.   All payments are for donation only. Requested times are not guaranteed but delivery is! If you...


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    I hope y’all are still doing the 10 gram special on the moonrock. Loved the product I received, and was hoping to get the same quantity for the same price

    Business reply:

    We have something similar currently. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

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    Switched to Capital Buds for the wider selection of treats. Excellent deliver window, delivered downtown to my office on a busy weekday. I'm a convert!

    Business reply:

    Hope all is well. thanks for your feedback, Stay converted!

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    I have used 2 services and they could not be further apart. The unnamed first one was not good. I tried capital buds and could not be happier. Top notch quality at a reasonable price for what you get. I was also pleasantly surprised with a free gift as a first time order. I will be back. BTW those sour apple hard candies are the real deal.

    Business reply:

    Like night and day!

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