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ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY! $100 Minimum or 1/4 minimum. We have high quality indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Menu changes frequently!


We serve all of DC. DONATION ACCEPTED ONLY. ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY. Our menu is updated weekly. Open from 10:00 AM to 8:30pm.   All payments are for donation only. Requested times are not guaranteed but delivery is! If you...


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    Metro delays tried to screw me, but C.B. & Ethan worked with me and saved the day!! That shatter had my eyes so crossed I’m pretty sure they swapped sockets!

    I live deep behind the iron curtain of herbal oppression & I am very thankful for your service!! I’ll see y’all again....trust.

    Business reply:

    We have a solution for everything, even metro delays. Be careful now! Dont want you to miss the next stop :D

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    I was using another service (which I will not name) and the quality started to drop off. Knowing there are other fish in the sea, I decided to give you guys a try. While you are slightly higher in price, I love your variety and I am very pleased with the quality of your products! You can count on my business going forward!

    Business reply:

    These are the reviews we love!

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    I've order from Capital Buds more than once now and I have to say each experience has been stellar. Their customer service is responsive and always helpful, all you have to do is text them! And as a repeat donator they have offered free add-ons that have always made the experience just that much better. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else. Their prices may not always be the cheapest but the ease of use, quality of product, and wonderful service all keep me coming back. I look forward to the day recreational stores are finally a thing so I can visit these fine folks in person!

    Business reply:

    That day can not come soon enough!

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