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ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY! $100 Minimum or 1/4 minimum. We have high quality indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Menu changes frequently!


We serve all of DC. DONATION ACCEPTED ONLY. ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY. Our menu is updated weekly. Open from 10:00 AM to 8:30pm.   All payments are for donation only. Requested times are not guaranteed but delivery is! If you...


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    I've tried out a bunch of different delivery services in DC and believe me, Capital Buds is the best by a long shot. I am a fan of concentrates, and no place else has nearly as wide a selection and they also continue to add new, high quality products on the regular. My last order I was gifted a package of the nutella cookies, which were delicious and surprisingly effective at only 50mg a pack. I've dropped a lot of money on edibles in DC that were advertised to be much stronger and had little to no effect. Because of my disappointing experiences I had vowed not to spend anymore money on edibles in DC. Thanks to CB gifting me cookies I will definitely be adding some more to my next order (they offer an ice cream I’m dying to try). CB also keeps adding to their specials unlike most other places. As far as I know they are the ONLY ones offering any type of special or bundle deal on concentrates. If you are looking for something and Capital Buds does not have it, you will be hard pressed to find it someplace else, and if you do I would warn you to be weary of its quality (300mg+ edibles for $40-$80 is most likely a sham and not worth your time or money). I ordered one of the 1000mg SFV OG aliensRX cartridges on my first order and it lasted forever, tasted great and came in the legit AliensRx package (I highly recommend this cartridge. You can find cheaper cartridges but this one was cherished by all my friends and is also one of the many items CB added to their specials, so its $10 cheaper now than when I purchased mine). I’m currently working on the Gelato KingPen cartridge, which I chose after doing research on Cannabis Cup winners. It’s very strong, but if I had to recommend one over the other I would choose the AliensRX SFV. I would also warn against any cartridges that aren’t name brand, many of them don’t work. I have an entire cartridge from another place in DC that hit twice and never again.

    Business reply:

    What an amazing review! Its a pleasure knowing donors such as yourselves recognize our continuous effort in making CB a better service.

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    Definitely the best delivery service I've found. Really laid back and customer service is stellar! Great inventory and reliable. Highly recommended!

    Business reply:

    we aim to make your day easier

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Capital Buds is the best. The only thing better than their great products is their wonderful customer service. Rename the city to Washington, CB

    Business reply:

    Sauce808 for the next DC Mayor!

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