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Welcome to Triple high!!! Veterans/Med Card Holders: 5% off all order total. Also we offer our top menu for our First Time Patients . #Triple High


~~ "We are a small team based in Washington D.C, formerly in Oakland CA working hard to improve the relationship between cannabis and human beings through education, outreach, and technology." ~~ Today, Cannabis Reports is one of...


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    Nice, pretty good smoke. They have great flavor and effects.

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    The deals here seemed too good to be true.. but they exceeded my expectations, finally the comics book are back again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ HeatClubDC

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    🔥!! I have been all over the map, tried and tested most of these delivery companies, AND THESE GUYS ARE IT! Definitely the best BANG for your BUCK! I

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    Business reply:

    Thank you for choosing triple high where you enjoy the fresh flowers from the legendary farmers of the west....look forward to see you again!

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    Business reply:

    thank you for being one of the first few customer in our soft opening and look forward to see you again!

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    Business reply:

    thank you for choosing triple high, we are very excited to bring you beautiful flowers and look forward to see you again!

    Business reply:

    thank you for visiting us and triple high team strives to serve you better ...look forward to see you again!

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