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DC Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Flower is always 🔥 and the only place I order from. The quality is worth the extra cash you spend too. If you aren't ordering from Palm Trees you're missing out.

  • First time customer, and will be back. Dispatch was very helpful and knowledgeable. Called in with my order and they filled my order and set aside for 2 hours until I was able to meet the driver. Much appreciated!!

  • Always a great experience with TBD. Super responsive and knowledgeable, communicate well, on time and good selection of bud for all price ranges/users!

  • Thank you so much. Great buds. Great taste speedy delivery and a kind and polite driver. Great experience and all and all. Will be returning soon. Thank for the free girft as well.

  • This will be my first time donating to this company so far everything seems very great They are very professional and fast so far it seems like they know what they are talking about I hope everything works out for me I will update my review once the deal is done but for now I say at least give them a chance.

  • Only place in the DMV to go and always be happy with your experience from customer service to delivery to enjoying your product.

  • COME Enjoy the Hi-Life by donating here! Without a doubt THE absolute Best Bud for your Efforts. Go!

    Mvjjr reviewed Hi-lifeDc
  • It’s constantly a 5 ⭐️ Experience! I cannot “catch” them off. 😂 regardless of my erratic schedule. 😊. Nothing but the all round best! Enjoy the Hi-Life in DC

    Mvjjr reviewed Hi-lifeDc
  • My experience? Was Fantastic as always, QUALITY, of course, coupled with a FINE selection of consumables, all at great prices along with their exciting Deals! Enjoy it in DC

    Mvjjr reviewed Hi-lifeDc
  • This is my first time dealing with them but so far they same like they are a good company to atlease try. Love the fact the most of the reviews are good, I will update my review after I meet up with them. For now give them a try if your reading this.

  • Incredible Costumer service, and great bud with good prices!

  • Master Kush was amazing! Excited to try the King Louie XIII

  • Cloud9 is the best in the area, hands down. Over time, I have donated to many different delivery services in the area and Cloud9 receives the top overall score from me! I'm a concentrate person myself and if you want EXCELLENT shatter, diamonds, crumbles, etc. for competitive and reasonable prices, C9 IS WHERE IT'S AT. Flowers are fire every time as well. The team is kind and trustworthy and I don't go anywhere but Cloud9 now!

    Meincogne reviewed Cloud9
  • I have to say that Cloud9 is my favorite by FAR! Their price, verity on the menu, quality, honesty( no bait and switch) and their delivery service is the best. They are always on time and communicate if there is a delay. But the biggest is their delivery service will come "across the river" to SE! That is a biggy for me bc other will call and ask me to meet them and still charge a delivery fee.

    SuperQ202 reviewed Cloud9
  • One love was nice and easy to deal with.

  • I'm very satisfied about how I was able to get in contact with someone very professional will order again

  • I ordered: Lava cake 2 Chemdawg 2 Og Tahoe 2 Blue cheese Laughing Buddha The lava cake was completely different from last time and the Tahoe and laughing Buddha is mid grade reggie. Ima need a refund for those

  • Claire was so nice and helpful. I had to move my delivery time and they completely understood and were super cool. These guys are totally worth your time.

  • Very pleasant experience for my first time using this vendor. Jessica was easy to talk to, informative, & responsive. The driver was great with communication, though asked us to meet her at her location instead of where we requested delivery. She assured us we wouldnt have to wait on her & we didnt, but next time I hope to have the driver meet us at our requested location. Or at least knock $10 off the delivery fee if you're going to have the customer come meet you. That's only fair. As far as the quality of the flower, I chose two ounces of the less potent strains & for the price I think they are worth it. Im interested in trying out other strains that may be better suited for my tolerance level. Everything weighed out to the gram. No more, no less. Even included 3 free prerolls in an already great deal! Needless to say, I will be a repeat customer until either the quality is not consistent or the customer service declines. Thanks, Euphoric!

    EFitz reviewed EuphoricDC
  • No bumps, fastest and easiest way to pick up in the area.

  • Very knowledgeable! I couldn't ask for much more once I received my order. Straight 🔥 y'all the search is OVER !! Lock me in "DCNUGTENDERS"

  • My new go-to service. Have tried them once now and ordering another today. Fat, frosty buds, good price, on time delivery. I had the Mac and the Limon. Mac was strong, Limon was tasty and nice.

  • Best exotic handdown love the customer service always on time the wait is worth it 100% I love how respectful they are and they reward they customers for purchase so that’s another A++

  • This is my FAVORITE delivery company and the most reliable out of all of them! I highly recommend them, and their quality is superb!

  • Reefer express is the best. Bout to order some good gooddddddddddd . Because they never let me down . I’ve ordered from them over 20 times and it gets better every time . Tree always good and they have so many great deals 🤟🏽💯🥰🙌🏽💕

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