DC Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Great service friendly employees

  • Out of towner called with all my questions before making the trip they answered all questions without hesitation & have timely response highly recommended ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  • Very customer friendly, very modest price, only problem is miscommunication between the service and the customers as I’ve had a mishap or two but that is understandable and it’s not bad enough to use a new place, love your highness

  • Great deals, great service, stellar product. Been my go to for about a month now, tried all the various carts! Def recommend the alpine/eureka, and the flower is picture perfect!!

  • First Time using this service and was pleasantly surprised. Everything went smooth start to finish, I’ll definitely be back

  • The guys at bagged buds is always willing to answer any questions I may have and they’re always the speediest delivery service up here. On top of all of that their bud is just by far superior to any other place I’ve been to. Will definitely continue my weed shopping experience through bagged buds and highly recommend them to all my friends. Thanks again for being a great company

  • Excellent delivery service. Good product and friendly

  • Got the 2 Oz Deal with the Durban Poison, its Def not exotic but its a great deal for the price and got a free pre-roll as a gift will be back thanks

  • Horrible

  • A friend recommended Farmers Market and I’ll second that recommendation! Can’t find a 1gram $100 for 4 carts deal anywhere else ! Ordered 12 last night will def be coming back for that deal before it’s gone!

  • I really enjoyed the sour deisel and the pure one carts were on point, drove far but it was definitely worth it! And customer service is great. Got a free pre roll for being a new customer 😍

  • LMAO these guys pay a thord party company to do reviews for them and upvote the god ones and down vote the bad ones.... I was planning on ordering from here today, but reading these reviews of legit people and the wierdd amount of votes on these reviews leads me to belive these are mostly fake reviews. and the bad reviews are telling the truth... MY GUY STEP UP YOUR SERVICE INSTEAD OF SPENDING MONEY ON FAKE REVIEWS TO PISS POEPL OF ON WW LOOKING FOR DECEnt bud for fair prices... Yall assholes for that, money hungry scammers.

  • Shorted me an 1/8 that I paid for. I can’t get the cartridges to work either. As of now I am out a lot of money with nothing to show for it.

  • Good flower! Smooth delivery. Will use again.

  • SO I wass planning on trying these guys out for the first time ever.. I texted them with a question to send me a picture of Sour OG and instead of being helpful and just send 1 dam picture of what the weed looks like that im driving all the way out there to buy from yall. and ya couldnt do the courtesy of sending 1 dam pic... LMAOO IF YA PICTURES ARE LEGIT THEN YOU SHOULD UPDATE YOUR OLD STALE PICTURES... Needless to say i passed off on tjis entire store.. Prices are at a Big premium, HOWEVER YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SHIT, BUD ACCORDING TO REVIEWS IS STALE AND OLD... Very upset lol even tho i never got to orderd anything... With that said, go with my num 1 vendora!!! i used them instead. they are great peopls not like these guys.

  • I had the best experience today when I called Hyfe, the service was such a pleasure to speak to a person who is knowledgeable on their own products. I was amazed that they give out the humidity packs that I already buy for dry ass flower I have picked up from other services. You fellas will definitely be seeing me again!

  • Girrrrrrl lemy tell you the kite carts are my favsies here!!!!!!!!!!!! already tried all the flavors and the terpes are real deal!

  • Y’all i been going to the wrong spots dis whole time! da fire ass tree tree i just scooped up is lit! dat gasss gassss!!

  • These guys been my go to since day 1. I mean like 10 months of consistent business not on and off they’ve always showed me love. Never had any issue with their service or the quality of the flowers they carry. yet I never ever even wrote a review on here cause I’m not the that type that writes reviews. But sitting here reading all these bogus, hateful reviews not one but multiple reviews form one user... makes me think how much hating and unappreciative could people on this plant be! DON’T HATE ON THE BEST TO EVER DO IT! I can bet my last dollar I have on the quality of the service and the buds. I’m talking about past experience and it’s been long enough to know what they got and how they operate. TO ALL MY PAQ PEOPLE I WILL ALWAYS APPRECIATE YOU GUYS, DON’T LET NEGATIVITY GET ON THE WAY OF WHAT YOU’RE DOING CAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK! ✌🏼

  • This is hands down best delivery service in Dc. I’m so amazed by the quality of the buds I received. they were a little late but the noticed me that there was mechanical problem so I wouldn’t be waiting outside. customer service is always fantastic. Thanks for never letting us down

  • I tried laughing buddha but to be fair at the time wasn't impressed due to not liking sativa's ( plus my girlfriend picked the strain purely for name ) but now have tried other vendors on this site and can say there's BETTER !!! Sorry not sorry 🤷🏿‍♀️ Hopefully can come back and find something of my standards

  • This is hands down best delivery service in Dc. I’m so amazed by the quality of the buds I received. they were a little late but the noticed me that there was mechanical problem so I wouldn’t be waiting outside. customer service is always fantastic. Thanks for never letting us down

  • Order like a month ago during quarantine well they flaked on me and the on the phone dispatch lady was just a little rude.. probably due to everybody ordering at once ? Hopefully can try the bud one day

  • My friend and I have been grabbing here and every time it's always as described. Never short . Quality always on point 👌

  • Fast and reliable Nice quality buds Great Customer service.

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