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The district of cannibus. Enjoy free delivery.

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    These guys know how to make their customers happy, ordered a oz of cereal milk which was good but I just needed something a little stronger, contacted them about a possible exchange, sent a half back and kept the other half, exchanged it with delato and that was 🔥🔥🔥 also the free wedding cake was also 🔥, driver cool and punctual always on time and keeps you updated about your order 💪🏽 Good look guys

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    Man look, I smoke ALOT and I have tried several different spots in the area. These guys are the real deal! NO HUFF ZONE!! Grabbed some of the Dolato + Wedding Cake and was too fried. Made a loyal customer out of me. Give them a try don’t miss out!

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    Man, good news and bad news. Bad news, the cereal milk is just bad and def not close to it. An ounce and there is no smell and unfortunately, an actual bad taste. First negative review I've ever left. Huge, huge problem to drive 4 hrs for that. The good news is, whatever they gave me for my free 8th was ok, so I have something to smoke today on my birthday. Just, damn man. Driver was on point, though.

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