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    I was researching for the highest rated, most cost effective, and experienced group and I stumbled upon these guys. At first I thought they didn't have enough reviews; however, the reviews were great. Their name and emblem caught my attention, and I gave them a call. I had no expectations, but this was a great team from customer service, options, knowledge, delivery and trust when I say, the flowers are topshelf. I will be a customer 'til the wheels fall off.

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    great first experience on WW with these guys! very polite and responsive dispatch, punctual driver who was kind enough to check in before the delivery. love the quality and variety of the strain selections, and the deal was awesome. don't hesitate to hit this company up!

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    These people were professional and quick. Literally ordered breakfast then ordered from here. By the time I just started eating it these people were hear an ready. Even gave me an amazing present on top of the gift 10/10 no bs

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