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Our mission is to provide high quality products and safe access to the community.   Become a member and receive 20% off everything.  We are discreet, knowledgable and professional.  Satisfaction gauranteed or your money back...


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    Excellent customer service and prompt delivery. High quality flowers for a reasonable price.

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    Unbelievable service, and choices, can’t recommend them enough!

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    So many growers in dc. Some great one but a lot of ones that don’t really know how to grow or trim correctly. I grabbed another jar yesterday and was as wonderful (smell, taste, n looks) as every time got a jar from them! Coming from Denver n visiting Cali a lot, my meds are very important to me!! They live up to my very picky standards. I don’t say that often. As a mmj patient, it’s very important to me that the plants didn’t have chemicals (not natural) used on them. My health is worth it!!

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