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Initiative 71 compliant | Delivery service  Located in the heart of Washington,DC, Herban Legends DC is a well known group around the city that offers patients a place to find everything for their medical needs. Founded by circle...


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    These guys are my go-to. Quick and friendly communication, prompt delivery, and most importantly: their bud quality is top shelf. I'm talking frosty nugs for days and at great prices too.

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    By far the best service I have encountered in my (admittedly limited) experience with DC initiative 71 providers. They are fast, they have great prices, and most importantly, they are extremely responsive. Other services on here look like they are run by teenagers by comparison. The one thing I would ask for is for certified organic nuggets but I am not sure that is possible given the regulatory regime in the area... California managed to do it but it was tough (worth it though)

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    Herban Legends continues to be my go to spot. Never have had a problem with my order, price, or delivery. Thanks for being on top of your shit unlike some of the other delivery services out there.

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