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Welcome to Hercules. 1. We will need a selfie of you holding your photo ID to verfy your age. 2. You'll get an extra free 2g when you leave your first review. Welcome to your Olimpia.


At Hercules, your buzz matters to us. We provide the best quality of Cannabis, with a drizzle of ancient Greek mythology fun. We are a small DC based family business, and our wide variety of strains are grown all around the...


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    All I can Say Is "Hercules, Hercules". First order was absolutely amazing not to mention the great customer service. The Wide variety of strains will definitely keep me coming back. This is a company I will surely refer to my family and friends.

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    Excellent service and the bud was top shelf. Definitely recommend.

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    Beautiful full sized nugs at a price most others would charge you for popcorn. What's not to love?

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