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Delivery & Pick Up in District of Columbia only. Initiative 71 compliant.  Deaf Owned Business. m/_  Founded in 2015.

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    damn ginaaa -- their products are LIT! Such sweet people and so accommodating. Check this place out, otherwise you're missing out!

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    They DO NOT deliver everywhere in DC. You have to go to Northeast DC. Website says "DELIVERY ONLY". Let's get this fixed so you guys don't keep falsely advertising. You'd def see higher sells with accurate info! Thanks!

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    I have tried many of the vendors on this app and this bud was by far the best! I ordered the Northern Lights and ended up getting Pineapple Express. I HIGHly recommend the Pineapple Express!! It is some FIRE!!! Fast response time and delivery. No complaints. Will definitely be back for some more of that pineapple express!!

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