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  • Second time ordering, delivery was super quick. Quality products. Great looking out Hollweed you got customer

  • Don't waste your time or money.... The driver all of a sudden explained that the price was $20 higher than the price they advertised AND there was a hidden twenty dollar delivery fee. This is ridiculous. I will NEVER order from this thief again. The service was piss-poor. All I got was an "I'm sorry". You run a business. You need to advertise the correct prices. There are a lot of choices in this game and this place doesn't deserve an honorable mention.

  • The Sunset Sherbert is dreamy and the service is excellent! Totally my favorite cannabis service ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • As a bud tender coming here from Colorado I can say exotic blooms quality and prices are great! The drivers are super friendly and helpful and the office is quick with there response time. I’ve used other services and had delays in time or bad batches of green. Check them out yourself!

  • My pick up was seamless driver was early and I got exactly what I ordered great service

  • Absolutely phenomenal! These guys are going to be my go to every time I’m in town. The quality of the products is by far the best I’ve seen through a delivery service. The driver was quite possibly the most courteous person I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with in D.C. You guys are outstanding. I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Just wish I could give more than 5 stars.

  • Usually don’t like trying new companies but after checking out their menu and finding some interesting strains I called and spoke to a very professional and helpful person. I placed my order and a friendly driver showed up shortly with a product that was second to non! It was a good decision to try this company, quality of the product and delivering on time impresses me. For sure next time cloud 9 is my number one choice.

  • We have been ordering from CB for almost two years. They are the only vendor we go to and the best in DC. Top shelf menu and always five star customer service. These guys are the real deal. Thanks again CB!

  • Service here was wonderful, prompt helpful and efficient. Immediate responses led to special service. Would recommend!

  • This was my first using any of the DC services. It was a great experience. Whoever I was texting was a great help. The driver was in good contact and kept me up to date on his delivery.

  • Always my go to delivery service. The best quality and prices on the east coast. You can't ask for better service. Continuously impressed by these guys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Always quick to respond, flexible, and friendly. I’ve switched to exclusively using Exotic Blooms. Great dispensary!

  • Bud can sometimes have what I’m hoping is...... human hair/ PUBES. I called in regards to this issue the dude wasn’t really understanding why I was upset. I was told I could wait for a refund or he’d give me a preroll in the morning because it’s my birthday weekend. Unfortunately Mike lied and blocked my number I sent them the picture of what I got and well nobody cared. They tried to charge for each 8th being delivered when we are “donating money to keep this legal. ” the streets been doing this idk why this is okay but stay away from them for your own good.

  • Amazing selection professional service good vibes

    The Garden
  • Super quick, professional, affordable and qualify flower. Will most definitely be ordering again.

  • I always use dcs finest no one else compared them.

  • Have to update it a bit...the quality really is excellent...I wasn't planning on the Wedding Crushers (I rarely hit the indicas), but all my GF could say about it was, "DUUUUUUUDE!!!" It's about all she's said since, and she is no lightweight, so I'm thinking it's pretty freaking potent....😁...smells GREAT!!!

  • A1 service all around the board, could go on and on but my loyalty to them coming 3 hours away speak for itself💯!!!

  • Wish I could leave 5 stars across the board, and my only complaint is small but (I think) important: my bad for not checking inside the bag at delivery, but one of the two strains I ordered (a sativa) was replaced with another (indica). As a medical patient from elsewhere (although i ordered as a recreational consumer), this leaves me without a "daytime" option. Having said that, both the Snoop's and the Wedding Crushers were of excellent quality, and everything else about the service was top-notch...even the freebie (although I totally forgot to mention that I was a first-timer)! Will definitely use them again (and next time, I'll check both the receipt AND the contents...😉). Thank you!

  • Terrible fake pics

  • Aweful!!!! A couple months ago i tried them but they said it would be an hour and half or more delivery time....i come from jersey thats too long to sit in a parking lot and wait.....today i thought id try them again by ordering before we left...i sent a message but an hour later still no reply....how do they manage to sell anything? I come to DC once a month and spend around $300....your loss!!!

  • Simply the best I ever had

  • I have always gotten a great deal from these folks. That's why they are my go to shop. That's the review. THE TIP: Try the MoonRocks. If you remember old time hash, You'll love the MoonRocks. I use a small paring knife to cut mine into tiny pieces and smoke in a bong with a screen. Makes thick great tasting smoke and seems to be about 40 to 50 percent THC. These Moonrocks are made by taking fine ground High Grade Sativa and adding a drop of hash oil. After making a sticky ball with that, it's rolled in kief. Very tasty and does a nice job. And this is the only shop I've found in DC with them. So "Who You Gonna Call" GREEN SUNDAYES Tell them AnyBody sent you.....

  • I paid 120 for an Oz of sour diesel.... let me just say I feel like I got robbed!!!!!! I smoked a whole blunt by myself and didn’t feel shit!! Nothing at all!! I’m so disappointed i don’t know what to do with the rest.. iv bought weed for the low... but this is not weed, this is a rip off!!!

  • Stress free & super convenient. Dude even called to say he was running late.

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