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Customer must present proper Identification showing proof of age is 21+ at delivery. Call or Text us for any questions or concerns.


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    They have exclusive products.. Im Very happy with the service they provided. Excellent

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    Thank you

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    READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW, seriously! firstly the good points: You get a juice box with orders, their products are right on with their prices (not top shelf but not meds, not over priced but not a great deal), they want to be a good company. The bad points: they short on their orders (first gift was an oz of thin mints and half of animal cookies which weighed out 24.80 and 12.50 respectively, second was half of animal cookies which was actually 10.47), they made me pay $20 to the driver when getting back what they skimped me on and was 75% shake, their phone line has so much static you can't hear, couldn't fix order same day so had to drive back other days. Neutral points: seems like one driver so delivery times are kinda long and he ran out of paper bags (I had some extras I didn't mind giving him), There was a cop lurking behind him on the first delivery and the second we got yelled at by a random person so thats just unlucky and ill stay away from it. ALL IN ALL: This company is on its grind to become something great but they are cutting corners to get there, once they start providing a quality service they will a great company but unfortunately I will not be returning to see if they improve.
    thank you for reading all of this, tried to give the fairest review I could based on my experiences

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