King Cush

King Cush

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Keith P
1/12/2021 - 1:20PM

I love this company great service

Slim T
12/12/2020 - 1:00PM

The best experience I’ve had by far. Best prices and selection I have ever seen. 100% recommended!!!

3/24/2021 - 7:27AM

Pink rzay and green crack strains beautiful. Really trust these guys to be on time, communicate well and deliver excellent product!!!!

3/21/2021 - 4:42PM

They come through every time I holler at them

Maged S.
11/12/2020 - 10:36PM

Best out there!!! Consistent quality & service 👏🏽

4/12/2021 - 12:19PM

King Kush had excellent customer service and were timely with great communication. Best price in the area. I would highly recommend.

4/11/2021 - 9:26AM

Second time going to this company being this weekend, the last time I went I was a little disappointed with the Glue kiss vs the white widow and P Obama but still overall satisfied. I decided to write a review after the second time going through and let me tell ya, that rapper stuff is just gnarly man. Super blown away by the buds, conversational dispatcher, bud driver was right on time, just overall good experience. Hats off to these boys, I told them I would see them again and I'm a man of my word. By the way you gotta take the deals while they last on the super gas we got a holiday coming up in 9 days ;)

4/9/2021 - 4:01PM

Yeah they have some great numbers but drivers and customers service are beyond trash ordered yesterday and the driver pulled off and changed his number getting scared like a female in daylight with money in hand. Called back he changed his number told the guys he can’t deliver to me because he was scared. Then they say they would have boss call and lied they all blocked my number then now call back from different numbers say that boss would call me and never has but wants me to go to another location. Don’t shop with these shady people make them see that we support them and your job is to serve the tree smokers not the tree smokers serving you with out us they won’t have anything and we can grow ourselves so don’t support this trash company here the worst service and drivers I have ever seen

Dcboom B.
4/3/2021 - 5:23PM

These guys are wonderful I am very hard to please and they come through every time I might have to take something back because it’s just not what I want but they always Satisfy me at the end good job guys

3/30/2021 - 8:19AM

This place isn’t real the weed isn’t real no spend your money real talk