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Open till 3:30am on Weekends 9 PM every other night Our commitment to Quality: Teir 1 Buds include Past Cannabis Cup Winners and other award winners Teir 2 Buds are sourced from the west Teir 3 Buds are sourced locally Teir 4 Buds are...



Open Late till 3:30am on Friday Saturday and Sunday 9pm every night Knight King delivery is managed by an experienced staff that care about quality and customer service. We bring you top notch bud and edibles, our strongest buds come from a...


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    Great flowers and great price!!!! Anyone looking for a good place to cop from hot to give these dudes a try. You won’t be disappointed

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    It's a shame because their product is actually good. You're looking at long delivery time that keeps extending, constant changes to price, changes to their "happy hour", and promises given and taken back. All of this is just poor customer service.

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    hey Knight King, just thought i'd ask since i was wondering but is there a difference between pink cookies and wedding cake? everything says they're the same but i'm thinking there is some difference.

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