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    Overpriced carts and flowers. Live resin was the best deal there, but was nothing special. They never update their current stock online, and won't tell you anything over the phone; so it's always a 'going in blind' experience where prices and stock change daily. I'd only visit again if nowhere else is open.

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    Picked up the WVC blueberry cartridge which tasted great but wasn't as quality as the Golden Owl carts which were sold out. Got some Cheetos and they didn't do a thing. Not great not bad

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    I usually go to All American, but decided to try Lit City today, and am SO glad I did! The pricing of the cartridges is incredibly competitive, and the quality is amazing.

    I really hope the shop keeps Blueberry Pie in stock, because it is one of my new favorite strains!

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    This place is pretty cool and pretty convenient. Customer service was fine. The northern lights golden owl cartridge I got was on point. Great spot.

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    iv been here a few times, kinda surprised with the reviews. I got lemon cake here which was the best stuff iv had in years...but also had some "meh" strains and "meh" edibles. But it is still great to be able to pick up in their store.

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    Trash all the way!!!!!!!!!! Definitely don't shop here if your looking to get medicated,or you will be very disappointed.

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    Terrible product, their flower sucked, their vapes don't get you high at all, their cbd products are fake, there's a shop next door that's much better if you don't mind standing in line for a few.

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    Awesome staff. Awesome shop. Great recommendations. And they have 🔥🔥🔥🔥 chocolates.