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All patients must both send a copy of and present with the same state-issued ID. We cover most of the District of Columbia!


HYFE is a lifestyle brand that encourages individuality, health-conscious living, and personal growth and awareness. We believe in fostering genuine relationships and never compromising the power of product integrity. We cultivate a client centric...


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  • 12

    Hyfe has been my go to place for a long time now. The consistent quality and prices are hard to beat. Also out of a bout a dozen times the driver has been late maybe once and even that was like a 20 min delay. This is my updated review of this place and I have to say everything still stands .. A++ quality.

  • 14

    Let me start off by saying. i'm an older gentleman with chronic rheumatoid arthritis and the team here has always been accommodating to me on their deliveries. I've tried other services before and the new millennial these days haven't got a clue on customer service. The exotics strains here are unlike what you find in DC and have helped tremendously through my bouts of pain. Thank you for your outstanding service every time!

  • 13

    Its a shame so many vendors and butt hurt that HYFE is actually great service and comes through for their clients. Over the past couple of weeks i was lucky enough to try out the Wookies littles from the deal menu, grape ape, animal cookies, buddha's hand, fruity pebbles og, and the stardawg guava. Lets start with the wookies. Just because it is on the deal menu doesn't mean you are getting anything less than the quality you are used to. Especially for the price, the deals menu is worth checking out everyday because the deals keep on changing! The grape ape i tried smelled like some grapes that are ready to be turned into wine. Outstanding trich coverage and well worth a try. The animal cookies is one of my favs for the effects it has. Very indica leaning. The buddha's hand is for anyone looking for a good sativa. Nice day time smoke that will leave you energized and full of ideas. The fruity pebbles og has to be one of my favorite smelling strains at the moment. It hits you hard and fast and leaves you with a smile that only quality bud can give you. Finally for the stardawg guava, the description was right on not judging the book by its cover. Looking at the bud doesn't scream anything special, but when you take your first hit it becomes obvious why this one is a HYFE favorite.

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