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All patients must both send a copy of and present with the same state-issued ID. We cover most of the District of Columbia!


HYFE is a lifestyle brand that encourages individuality, health-conscious living, and personal growth and awareness. We believe in fostering genuine relationships and never compromising the power of product integrity. We cultivate a client centric...


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    My 11th time with these guys and just like with the other 10 great service all around. These guys consistently bring top quality products with a price to quality ratio that is unmatched in this area. The only guys on this site that can come close in terms of product quality also come with a 300% mark up and a 20 dollar delivery fee. Always new and unique strains to try, top notch communication and customer service, lightning fast delivery drivers. 10/10, 5 stars, and two thumbs up. This is the only vendor you need to concern yourself with for locals and tourists alike.

  • 2

    12th or 13th time using these guys and decided to treat myself with their newest strain “Cake Batter.” My god this strain is strong af 😂. If you decide on this or the other top tier strain be warned it knocked my daily toker self on my ass and there is absolutely nothing discreet about it’s smell. Loud isn’t even the right word “cake batter” is deafening.

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    Ran into a bit of a problem last time I used this service. I drove out of my way to help out the driver and he was late and gave me the wrong delivery. Luckily, the rest of their team was on it and remediated the situation within 15 min. Can't say I've gotten better heads up service anywhere else along with great price/product.

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