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    It was my first time ordering from off of here and I was a little hesitant at first but you guys were great. Fast delivery great communication. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again.

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    med quality: rate strains that are good in feels and taste. good thc amt. my gift today was sour glue (sour diesel x gorilla glue) awesome. taste excellent. good nice dense nugs. sticky. white tricomes. good good smell.

    bud driver: I went to wrong destination and he came and found me and was very polite.

    price: ty peoples choice. the menu shows the price. don't talk them down they are looking out

    speediness: sharp responses they are under new management which is great.

    knowledge: they provide descriptions and have excellent knowledge of rare strains

    my fav was orange kush

    and blue cookies Afram


    Business reply:

    We appreciate you boss

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    There’s a reason these guys have a 79% rating instead of something higher. Make sure that yall weigh your goods, especially if you’re getting big amounts of tree. They f*ckd my order up, gave a bs excuse as to why (they shorted me), and then NEVER followed through on making it right- they ghosted me when i was trying to pick up rest of my goods.

    Honestly, I think they thought I was just a dumb girl who don’t know shit about trees and tried to one up me by shorting my order. Wish I could share the screen shot of my conversation so y’all can see the craziness.

    Overall, just be careful with these guys. Horrible follow through. There are other companies to invest your money in especially if you plan to spend big. These guys aren’t worth it IMO.

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