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FOR MEETUPS PUT ANY ADDRESS IN! AN ADDRESS WILL BE PROVIDED FOLLOWING VERIFICATION AND PROCESSING OF YOUR ORDER! We require new customers to go through our Text ID Verification Process for our safety and yours. No Exceptions! You will be prompted...



NO DELIVERY AT THE MOMENT! BARE WITH US, ITS COMING BACK! AS ALWAYS OUR UNMATCHED MEET-UP SERVICE IS AVAILABLE!   PromoCo concentrates are made using premium distillate and only all-natural, food-safe ingredients and are free from harmful,...


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    If you’re looking for the most economical way to smoke the literal single highest quality rosin in DC, look no further. The hash rosin sampler put me in my place and trust me, I have been through every single menu, on every single dispensary looking for what I got last from PromoCo, not to mention the free gifts that came with it. 10/10 for quality, highly recommend to connoisseurs and anyone who appreciates weed in 2020 like fine wine or whiskey. I will 200 percent be back the second I come down off of the high I got from just smelling the live rosin. Please don’t ever take it off the menu, there’s people who appreciate the bar you’ve set and the sheer quality over quantity every time! Thank you!

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    I was also hesitant about trying somewhere new. Didn’t like the idea of sending a picture of myself with ID, or going through the WW website, but I’m sure glad I did now. Everyone was patient and knowledgeable with all my questions. Delivery guy was definitely on point, totally made me feel safe. Also I much appreciated the little extras they put in. I will definitely be going back! If anyone is an older person like myself and don’t really like the crowds anymore at pop-ups and gatherings , definitely give Promoco a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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