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First Time Patients

All new SkyHigh DC patients will be required to send in a selfie of them holding a govt-issued ID for age verification. First time patients will enjoy extra freebies in addition to their gift requests.


Hello and welcome to SkyHigh DC, an I-71 compliant, wellness-focused cooperative. If you’d like to place your order online, please send us a selfie of you holding a govt-issued ID and follow this link to place your...


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    * Seek No More * This Company is all about the Professionalism, Knowledge and Assurance we all need when dealing with our Health and Quality of Life. Lifetime Patient

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    Finally, legit carts and a driver who is timely. I am definitely coming back. Little hiccup with a delivery fee but was easily remedied and they gave me a free shirt.

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    Very professional. It was my first time dealing with any service company up here. The Customer service dude was cool. The Driver was cool. Everything is legit! I don’t see any reason to go elsewhere.

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    Business reply:

    Hey Ruby! We’re always happy to serve the community and more than delighted to hear you and your husband were able to experience relief with those recommendations. Come back again soon, our edibles we just stocked on will prove more effective for those types of symptoms. It was a pleasure treating you two!

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    Business reply:

    Appreciate the honest and kind words J! Our customers mean everything to us so it’s important to us that you receive not only quality but the attention and care you deserve. It’s a cold world out here, we like to provide the furnace where we can. Much love

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    Business reply:

    Much appreciated! We strive to be the best in DC what could we have done better to earn a 5 star service?

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