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Serving the BEST THC edibles and CBD treats/oils in the DC area. Message us on Instagram for personal customizations: @watz_poppin & @fur_real_treats.

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    I drove a long way and I must say you guys are the best I will come to you guys every time I’m in town!

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    Drove up from Richmond and received some goods for the 2nd and again Great Service!
    Today I got 10 carts consisting of Cookies, Insane Punch, Gelato, Thin Mints, Durban Poison and Orange Crush (I told them to do a random variety pack), I also got 1/4 of Vino Ice, 2 gummies and 1 1500mg bottle of Uncle Hubbas Elixir.
    Everything is amazing, so far I’ve had the Insane Punch cart and it’s nice :)
    Elixir is great!!
    Driver was slow BUT I completely understand, the driver was apologetic, and it’s during a global pandemic so it’s reasonable, please remember this if you order in May/June 2020.
    Thanks Again Watz Poppin!!!!!!!!

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    It seems every time I make a trip from Charlottesville I’m compelled to write a review. I swear if you go anywhere else in DC your missing out. They didn’t have what I wanted but they looked out on another deal that was just as worth it and like always all 4 vapes I got hit to perfection. And tonight I want to give a shout out to my driver Mike because the delivery time was lightning fast. Like always I’ll be back in 2 weeks to see Watz Poppin

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