DC Dispensary Reviews

  • I ordered from here once with my partner Humberto H. and was very disappointed in the entire experience. We ordered 2oz of Alien OG for 280 which I understand is a deal but I still felt mislead on the quality by the dispatcher. We didn’t receive the free gift that they promised to first time customers and upon bringing it to their attention, someone in a supervisory role, took it upon themselves to not only trash talk their own product basically implying the previous dispatcher had intentionally lied or was uneducated. But this person also stated they had no interest in following through on providing the free gift we should have already received unless we agreed to spend more money with them. As a company and dispensary they are unethical and untrustworthy.

  • Let me start by saying I drive 2 hours to D.C. to grab bud from Va. My first experience with these people was okay. I had 2 problems though, 1. They do not label weed and 2. They advertise free preroll but never deliver and its always denied. The second time I ordered the driver was prompt and professional. I get my order go back to my car and open my bag. I had ordered an OZ of Platinum Fire and 2 carts and reminded them they never gave me my free preroll. Well when I open my bag I find an OZ of some weed that was not what I ordered, only 1 cart and no prerolls. I call them up and tell the woman on the other end what was wrong with my order and she tells me its doing to be another 60-90 minutes for re-delivery. I explained to her that this clearly was not my fault and I was not waiting. She proceeds to put the manager on the phone. I tell the guy I did not get my preroll AGAIN and he apologized. I also told him I only got 1 cat and some weed that was not what I ordered that looked l

  • They deleted my review I’ll post it again. We spent 535 for shit we did not order. We only got a qtr which is 120 of what we actually ordered over a zip, brought back a zip unopened and they only offered 290. And wax and a poisonous fake cart We drove from rva for this bullshit. please run no real pics just go away y’all didn’t even wanna give the money back so we was polite by choice. Poor customer service won’t ever make real money like this French vanilla the only good thing

  • New fav place, the flower and carts are the best quality for price. They are amazing people.

    PromoCo DC
  • With a high service rating its obvious they have some of the best flower and gifts!

  • Batting a thousand! Every order to date has been juicy sticky and simply wonderful. Strains have been spot on and true to the descriptions and very tasty.

  • took them over 2 1/2 hours to bring stuff and then when I asked why he said he was far at a location he named that was only 7 minutes away

  • I ordered a 1/2 of top shelf and got a bag of reggie that gave me a headache. Contacted customer service but they just make up excuses and then stop answering. Save your money for some better quality literally anywhere else.

  • The best thing since sliced bread. I used these guys quite often and haven't been disappointed once highly reccomend. No bs what you want is what you get all praises to you guys Be Safe

  • Y’all about crazy as hell. Y’all let me come 1 1/2hr for y’all to see me texting y’all and y’all said y’all had London pound cake knowing that y’all didn’t... the French vanilla is good, but that’s the only good strain tbh everything else is totally left. 535 and I kept a qtr in my car that’s 120, guy added up said 290 what we brought in a O some how walk out with 6 bags of French and a g of wax and a fake ass pod thing that just damn near killed my brother Robert. In his mouth it shot out without it being equipped. No pics don’t buy and they don’t even let you smell in stores or it’s bought that’s crazy. This shit is a disgrace because he didn’t want to give the money back you can tell by the way he pushed other bullshit products that looked worse than the French. They knew they didn’t have what I wanted and I texted them that We was coming and they never said a thing. Bring in a ounce some

  • Beat. Carts are expired or different carts with new stickers and labels put on to make them look new. Not exaggerating, literally pulled the expiration date label off revealing the cart actually expired in January.

  • Last time i buy from here, Ordered 2 O of flower that had no effect. Let them know and no one responded, i had to leave a review for them to respond. Finally responded a day later and gave me 2 joints and 1g of flower to try. They Told me after i tried it, to pick which one i liked best and would either give me a deal or a refund by 2 different people. I responded to them about what kind of deals they would give me, or if they could give me the refund and still have no respond. I have been waiting for 2 days and nothing. I thought they wanted to keep me as a customer but clearly not. Really uncool to not respond to what you call a " Loyal Customer".



  • So let me start by saying I appreciate this service not only did they accommodate me on the meet up spot they where patient with me when I was running behind sojust alone off customer service I will be back . Now to the flowers I'm very I'mpressed with what they have and what they suggest I get and it was all fire especially the jungle boys cake . Not only do you stand up guys have a returning customer I will be referring you guys to all of my friends. See yall soon

  • They are good to the t very professional

  • DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. A half ounce was purchased and the product does not get me even the SLIGHTEST amount of high. Absolutely no effect. Then when I contacted them they said they could not do anything about it. I have a half ounce of crap bud that they would not let me exchange. I am $100 short now. My advice is to buy from anybody else on this website as I have never experienced such a low quality of bud and lack of customer service.

  • Best quality I’ve had by a delivery service punctual timing and very generious company gave me free gifts just for my first time awesome company👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • I got 2 different premium oz and unfortunately there was nothing premium about them. the smell was musty and both types of buds looked dark and dry. they taste like mid grade and are definitely not gg#4 or forbidden fruit. on top of tasting bad and not having any effect, they shorted the oz and only gave 26 g in each.

  • Asked for some Sunday Driver, driver took forever just to end up giving me a bag of what was definitely not Sunday Driver. When I had It before and the picture on the website was completely different than what was given to me. I tried to contact them about a refund or something right away and they blocked me and never heard from them again. Terrible company

  • These guys are the best around!! I've used them many times and they are always super fast, they're very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!! The flowers are top notch. Best service in DC!!

  • The gummies were useless... took 250 mg and felt nothing. For 50 bucks, I expect to feel at least something

  • Great product and staff was very easy to talk to and happy to help with any questions

  • It was my first time ordering, pretty good experience I ordered the M-39 and it was amazing I also ordered some pre-rolls they was not that good that was the only thing that was wrong.

    The Garden
  • Excellent service with great bud !!!

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