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    Bad to expensive, bad service, poor quality crap, left disappointed

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    After reading the reviews about Covington’s strong edibles I had to go there myself and try them. I bought the T.K.O fudge and T.K.O double chocolate brownie. I assume this Stands for total knock out. If it doesn’t it should be. I was told to cut them in quarters and wait 45-60 minutes before eating anymore. Well I didn’t listen and I ate half of the fudge. The name fits it knocked me out and I slept like a big dog for the first time in days. Needless to say I didn’t feel any pain. Praise the lord.
    I am also; very grateful for the 10% discount for veterans, every nickels helps. I really like the older blond lady she seems very knowledgeable on what strain in good for my particular pain. She has never disappointed me. Sometimes she gives me a little extra just to help me out.
    You can’t go wrong at this place. Thanks Covington holistic my family and I appreciate you. The Pain is more tolerable when I have meds to take the edge off.

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