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    It was a great medical store, but now they're gone Issaquah's new auto row has replaced the building. I & others will miss the staff so much.

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    Dear Greenlink staff.

    How do you say thank you to a group of.people who have changed your life forever? My story with Greenlink began 13 months ago. I was a 57 year-old woman. Who moved back to Washington state to be near family, and to take advantage of the medical marijuana dispensaries available to me legally..

    I lived in Ohio state for ten years and it was difficult for me to find medicine there, but the risk of buying it was terrifying. I was a mom raising three boys and a husband who worked for a major drug company. IF I'd got busted the fallout would have been devastating to our family.

    I suffer from chronic pain caused by the effects of surviving non Hodgkin lymphoma three times. This cancer starting when I was sixteen years old. I now have a bone disease that is So painful it has caused many hardships for our family.

    I have diabetes which complicates my treatment because of all the steroids that they have to inject in my body. This is done every couple a months just to keep me walking.

    This is where Greenlink comes in. When I first got here and got my medical card I had no idea what to expect.It was like I had fallen down a rabbit's hole.it was so foreign to me I was in a daze.

    This is when I met Tony in West Seattle. I'm sure I looked lost and a bit confused but he had a welcoming smile and I immediately felt comfortable. As he gently led me through the process of helping me pick out the right medicine for my needs we began to talk .Tony made it easy for me to share my story. His knowledge and his relaxed manner made it so much better. After time a feeling of friendship developed. When I found out that my diagnosis had turned for the worst the staff at Greenlink was there to help me deal with the emotional pain that came with it.

    Tony is the one who got me interested in juicing. This has become something I do whenever I can This guy is an amazing wealth of information.

    Danielle the receptionist is so amazing she has a smile and a hug for me every time I see her. She always asks about my family and is the one who told me about the way I could get another person, to.pickup my medicine for me when I was too sick to do it myself. She is a truly amazing human being.

    When I wasn't able to see Danielle or Tony I had the honor of meeting Peyton Dyer and Bryan Handley again two more of the most compassionate people on the planet. Thank you guys so much.
    Peyton ,is a kind, considerate, compassionate and empathetic man . This is a trait I have found lacking in most of the medical profession

    Bryan is funny and dedicated to her job. She has an infectious smile . No matter how I feel she always makes me smile

    In the forty plus surgeries I have had in my life time. My illness had crippled me emotionally and physically. The amount of medications I was on was increasing daily .I was on so much pain medicine I had no idea who I was. I stumbled through life and pretended to be present most of the time. Between chemotherapy and radiation therapy but most of all pain control therapy I was a walking zombie .Finally I had had enough..I stopped all cancer meds And pain medications I just thought my life was over. TilI I found you all.
    One day I was telling Tony that the rising cost of my medication had out grown my ability to afford it. This is when Tony told me about your medical program that changed my life. He helped me fill out the forms. AND A MIRACLE HAPPENED!

    This is when I was introduced to the people in Issaquah a woman named Avery was the first person I had the pleasure of speaking too. She opened her heart to me . She listened to me. She made me feel like.a real person with real problems. Most physicians when I talked to them about trying this medical marijuana program would huff and puff .

    My relationship with my doctors was never the same. Avery made me feel understood for the first time in a very long time. She gave me the best patient service I have ever had. She was truly an amazing person to work with and I thank her deeply.

    This place ,Greenlink has opened me up to so many different types of pain relief. Folks I'm talking about getting my pain level down to a two or three . I have lived in constant pain for fifteen years at a nine to ten pain level.

    Recently I was introduced to the firebird vaporizer pen. This is an amazing oil but it is a bit expensive, and without Greenlink's support I would never of gotten to try this pen. Its convenient style has allowed me to medicate in places that were never available to me before. It is truly an amazing product.

    This is where I answer the question of how do you thank someone for saving your life. Put simply ,you can't. But you can thank them by living a full and happy life. I thought my life was over and I was planning my suicide. There is no doubt that I would be dead right now if I had not found this amazing group of people.

    Most people go though life believing in the medical professionals We have been raised to go to them for care and for them to listen to us and understand what we are going through those days are long gone. Now ,Doctors have there place don't get me wrong I still have to see many of them just to stay alive . I have many painful procedures done at least every couple months that leave me just writhing in pain.

    Since I made the decision to not live my life on narcotics and cancer medications Greenlink has been there for me in so many ways . They are more then a store that sells marijuana medicine. This place is well informed about their products. Tony and Peyton have been so on top of the new products they sell that their recommendations have made my life manageable again.

    I go out with my family again. There is now laughing and joking but most of all smiling again. My life at home while under doctors pain control care was a living hell. I would be Crying for days,puking and swimming in my own sweat. Believe me There are still some of those days now and don't get me wrong there are still trips to the emergency room. But the medical marijuana makes it bearable.

    So, I close this long letter with just this THANKS FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK.Without you folks at Greenlink with your knowledge base and your most amazing ability to just love every one of the patients that walk through your doors. Without you ,This would be a sadder world for us all. Greenlink has restored.my confidence in a different medical treatment plan and it is working fabulously.

    Barbara Clawson