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We are located in the El Toro Plaza in the building called 'Liquor on the Rocks' Welcome to Lake Forest Healing Center! Our goal is to provide our members with high quality cannabis, concentrates, vapes, edibles, CBD, and so much more! We have a...


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    This place is super sketchy and would highly recommend not coming here. They don’t even have their name on the building.

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    I love this place. Great product and convenient location

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    Actually I don’t use to put negative reviews but unfortunately I had no option..
    Couple weeks a go I checked up there menu on Weedmap and i noticed they have green crack flower and I drove like 30 mins and when I arrived there and asked for It and I was surprised when they told me that they are out of the kind of flower since couple days ago and they were trying to sell some other junk which I refused all of those because I was just looking for that specific flower .
    Unfortunately after couple weeks I was going to give them a chance and to avoid all inconveniences I called them tonight and did double check with them to make sure for the green crack availability and there employee put me on hold for like 5 minutes and she backed to me and said we do have green crack so, I asked her again to confirm and I explained that I have to drive for long time and she’s been guaranteed that they have that but, unfortunately I experienced same first time and they tried again to sell something else.... so sucks, never back again and highly recommend to don’t waste your time and money with them.

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