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The Healing Leaf Collective Garden is a safe, open and clean access point for medical marijuana in snohomish county. We guaranee quality product and a wide selection of product. We are happy to welcome you in to examine you product before...


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    Now known as the vault. Awesome hours, points system for even more deals. Nice selection, medibles are a bit pricy for small thc/cbd content (which is a disappointment to those of us with higher tolerance). Great deals. So many bud tenders though, always new ones (not as informative with their product), some that have been around & you get to know. Some not as vocal or conversational (which is too bad, it's about convenience, product & custoner service), others i have great chats with. One of my favorite bud tenders that always has awesome suggestions is about to have her baby (congrats!)

    One of the best choices around regardless. Definitely my go to choice.

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    Great Experience
    This was the first dispensary I have visited. Staff was very friendly and took time to explain everything. I had my doctors meidcation plan and they helped me select the items my doctor recommended. Love it!!

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