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We are a local medical cannabis collective garden providing to patients in compliance with RCW 69.51.A Pacific Northwest Medical Spokane

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    Wonderful and friendly
    They bud tenders here definitely helped me out. They were informed and knowledgeable and friendly. Some of the warmest smiles! Great product!

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    $15 strains that are mediocre at best then fluffy fake Girl Scout cookie $20 2 node cloneswhere over priced for qualityGreen wellness opened a block away and has clones 5 times as big and flowers like real Girl Scout cookie for only 12$...1 block away Green wellness has superior flowers medibles gangsters waxes and clonesdon't be fooled by PNW all the reviews from Seattle show a poorly run low quality operation but in Spokane they think they know what they're doing

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    This is the place
    You will not want to go anywhere else. They have everything you will ever need.

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