Why Us?

Of all the marijuana resources on the web, why Where's Weed? For starts, we have the LARGEST database of marijuana dispensaries, reviews and menus on the web, period, and we're first and foremost for the patients.

Our Technology

NO other marijuana locator service has both an in-house development team and 100% in-house written software.  We take security very seriously.  You can rest assured no vulnerabilities or browser exploits from using 3rd party or open-source code will ever put your information at risk, we take security very seriously, unlike our competitors. Our proven platform allows for scalability and the fastest loading pages of any equally matched website. Utilizing the tools of the pros, like Facebook, Digg and Reddit, our mapping system outperforms anything else on the market, while allowing us more control and fine-tuning than found elsewhere.

Our Team

Our team isn't like other software teams. No novices, no wanna-be webmasters, no dispensary owners who want more of the action. We were developers first, for more than a decade.  We have a proven reputation for producing high-end, high-performance websites with a kick. Our extensive background for websites allows us to provide the best website possible, the fastest turnaround times, and a more responsive web experience than you'll get anywhere else. Stay tuned, changes are made daily, and we're always open to suggestions - no feature is out of reach.

Our Marijuana Industry Experience

Guess what? We designed, developed, maintained and handled sales for the second largest marijuana locator site until about a year ago. For a large part of 2011, we were responsible for the majority of sales and revenue for them as well.Towards the end of 2011, our sales team and developers noticed the company was utilizing deceptive tactics to inflate their analytics numbers, and we unanimously decided that was not something we were willing to be a part of. Now their business model includes buying large amounts of adult-content traffic from non-marijuana sites, buying lots of fake Facebook Likes, and inflating their sales numbers by posing their non-patient web traffic as legitimate patients.  Meanwhile, our business has been generating interest from REAL patients and we've quickly shot to the top of the market as a favorite of both patients and dispensary owners.

We took our web skills, love for activism about the magical herb, and our marijuana experience to bring you Where's Weed. It's our one love, our staff do it all with the "Patients First" motto. Stick with us and you will soon see why we are different than any other dispensary locator. Our users tell us they love our work and won't use any other site!

With happy tokes and smoke filled rooms,