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Where's Weed seeks to make the cannabis industry more equitable through education and our partnerships.

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We believe that advocacy is a group effort, so we've teamed up with other leaders in the space including BIPOCANN, with a goal of creating a more accessible and profitable legal cannabis industry for BIPOC business owners and professionals. By working with partners like Last Prisoner Project, we’re hoping to redress the past and continuing harms of the War on Drugs. We see that the cannabis industry is a work in progress to reach an equitable landscape for everyone, and hope that we can do our part to help shed light on these issues in the future.
Image of Evelyn LaChapelle
Incarceration to Liberation:
Evelyn LaChapelle's Cannabis Redemption Story
Imagine going to jail for a harmless favor you did for a friend - just...
The fight for fairness starts with cannabis policy reform
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