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Dispensary Reviews

  • Great product, timely delivery and great communication.

  • Great new company, from the flower to the driver and the guys on the phone.. I'm glad were starting to get Better companies or here with high grade flower that dont bust your pockets open

  • Oh my godness, the flower is crazyyyyy and price. they delivery was so quick, Thumbs up green house. Definitely ordering again!

    reviewed GREEN HOUSE
  • Over priced and the flowers where dried out.

  • I placed an order for two carts at 8:20pm. ETA was 9:15-10:15pm, it arrived at 10:55pm. One of my carts was wrong. Right away I called the driver, no answer, texted, and no response. Called the main number, no answer, but when I texted they responded right away. They apologized for the mistake and said they would swap it out. Also said that it was going to take awhile b/c all drivers were out delivering orders. I texted at 12:48am to ask how much longer b/c it is getting late. It is now 1:19am and still now response. This is ridiculous.

  • I will likely not use these people again. The cart was a completely different strain than I ordered, and the "grape god" was no way actually grape god (wasn't even labeled) and was C quality at best and FULL of seeds. Who tf peddles stuff with seeds these days? And if you do, ADD A DISCLAIMER BC WITHOUT YOU ARE DECEIVING PEOPLE

  • Great Quality Product at a good price. I ordered and it came in less than 30 minutes.

  • The quality of the Berner's cookies and angry scout cookies 🔥both pressure got me glued I'm locked in lol and the driver my man good guy they the best on ww guaranteed

  • Excellent service and product. Will definitely use again :)

  • Current situation - just canceled and ordered with High Times DC! Driver contacted me within 2 minutes of ordering! Budz & Rosez has been by far the worst experience with any company I've had. Waited over 3 hours with no contact from the driver. 3 HOURS PARKED ON A STREET CORNER!! I had to contact dispatcher several times to get an ETA. First I was told "hopefully in the next 15 minutes." After waiting 30 minutes I asked for an ETA again and was told "driver is on the way and will contact you soon". Sooo I waited another 30 minutes with still no word from the driver. I even offered to drive to them! No response after 10 minutes - I called and no answer. I text again and finally get an answer of " sorry we are backed up due to location changes. Is 30 min okay?" Mind you they told me 15 minutes over an hour and a half ago. I spend at least $400 - $500 weekly including friends and coworkers I bring along. I will never visit or recommend this place. I wish

  • First of all amazing communication. second, I picked it up to be honest and it took me 2 min only. The quality surprised me I never ever tried something in the East Coast like this I felt I'm in LA!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING QUALITY. I will always order from here. If you reading this you will enjoy the quality trust me.

  • First time with this company and i must say it was a BREEZE 💯. The ordering process was super easy. The person answering calls was very friendly and honest. Sent pics of the strains and all! I got sour D and it is gass 💯💯. The driver was Ethiopian with a British accent, coolest person i have meet. It was pretty funny when he said he was Ethiopian due to the British accent lol. Cool fools right here tho. I really appreciate yall. Thank you again

  • These guys always got the fire on deck...quick delivery and friendly drivers keep me comin' back!

  • Great place great people and meds

  • Man I can tell you Iv used a lot of the services on here but man my hates off to them no complaints over here definitely going to be a regular trust me you won’t be disappointed.

  • great product and responsiveness which other companies seem to lack. Speedy delivery Cool as hell drivers The flower is 🔥🔥🔥They got a customer for life thank you City High Like The Terminator says I'll be back

  • These guys were awesome. Good quality, fast and friendly. Thanks

  • Order from here a bunch of times sometimes speedy delivery sometimes very bad but the bud is very good wish they still had the 160 oz tho

  • Terrible quality and deliver I order a half of shake didnt even catch a buzz

  • Literally waited maybe 5 mins. Great communication, great product, all around 10/10.

  • Not a storefront. Reviews are fakes.

    NWong reviewed Milton420
  • I couldn't have asked for better service and quality products. Dcfinest is awesome i can't wait to go back to be serve agin.

  • I got MGK and it was good .. am out here crashing this fries 🍟🍰🍰🍰 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ and fast delivery. ⛽️


  • Thanks again for all you do. I really appreciate your hospitality

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