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Dispensary Reviews

  • Communication left a little to be desired however, once delivered the driver was super friendly, apologized for running behind and even threw something in because of the inconvenience. I didn't ask and he insisted. That type of customer service is a dying art, so it took me by surprise. They wanted to keep my business and they will now for sure. Amazing. Can't recommend enough. Go with Fat Stash!

  • First time order, decided to give them a try:Very Speedy service , my gift was lighter than it should have been and had a lot of shake too.not satisfied. Quality is decent, but not like the pictures.They told me they would give me a free gift of the same amount they shorted me next time...Why would there be a next time when each bag is pinched? I responded It's not free if I already response to that. Not cool, wish it was better. Go elsewhere

  • I saw a lady sativa last night browsing around, Low and behold they have Hawaiian. So tonight I decided to try them out. Asked to be notified 20 minutes before reaching location of delivery. They were very busy but kept me updated on driver ETA. I waited a little bit but not as long as other places. The flower is authentic sativa. It’s just lovely and well cured as Hawaiian should be. I’ll be keeping my eye on them for more exotic sativa strains πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Awesome newcomers ⭐️

    AS reviewed LADY-SATIVA
  • Bubba kush is incredible. Kush mints, excellent. These guys have zero competitors in my book

  • My first time using a delivery service and it was a great experience. Driver was super nice and arrived within about fifteen minutes of me confirming my order.

  • DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I ordered 2 citrus sap distillate carts, and when I began medicating it tasted like burnt chemicals. I quickly called the driver and explained the situation. At that point the driver said I could meet up in Georgetown around 1 pm to swap out the dud carts. I did just that, making sure I notified the guy every step of the way. Of course when I get there they stop responding to phone calls. After about 40 minutes of me waiting outside the metro, I leave. A few stops away from home and I finally receive a call back. This new gentleman apparently had no idea that I had gotten dud carts, as the previous guy felt it wasn't important enough to write in the notes that I was coming to pick up. The new guy then schedules a new delivery time of 6:00 that evening. And so here I am, at 6:35 on a friday afternoon out 80 bucks and I have yet to receive a call back. I would also like to note that I contacted the business through instagram dm (Brightgreengrow) and

  • My go to, bud on point drivers pull up ASAP had one slight problem early on and they looked out w/free kd && pre rollπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  • Driver too scared to let you in his car and won't let you check out the bud before giving him the money . He said it was medical indoor grown which it definitely wasn't. So far People's Choice has the Best Bud, customer service and prices.

  • Honestly DO NOT order from this company. They probably have the best deals in town, but a 4 hour wait time? Are you serious? I intentionally ordered it so it would be ready when I was. However after getting ZERO notifications from them. I finally get a message from a driver telling me they’re 15 minutes away only for them to take an extra 45 minutes. If you can’t deliver in the time frame you provided for the customer then maybe you shouldn’t be in this business.

  • One of three places I have visited. Probably 3rd out of the three. Delivery driver was fast, nice, and efficient. But the price and quality doesn’t add up AT ALL. Khalid’s Kush was mediocre and not worth 120$ for a quarter. Decent place.

  • Got a $50 8th that weighed 2.8 when I got home and "200mg gummy bears" that didn't do a damn thing for $40. Just avoid this overpriced trap at all costs. The counter service are disrespectful and treat you like your bothering them. It's an overall awkward and trash experience. Wait for any of the delivery services instead. I've given this place 7 chances trying to get my "free gift on the 11th visit" which has now changed to $20 off your 11th visit. All $20 will get you in this place is someone behind the counter looking at you like you're a piece of garbage. Avoid at all costs.

  • I haven’t left a review before for a company, but this place is the place to go too, ESPECIALLY for the price. The thin mint is super πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ i haven’t had the animal cookies but i want too. Definitely gonna be coming back.

  • Excellent service! The dude was chill, great quality, and I'll most definitely will be using you guys again!

  • Great new addition to Bandon. Same great service and quality as their other shops in Cops Bay and Charleston

  • These guys are great! Super professional and nice! Used them a bunch of times but kept forgetting to review...enjoyed the gifts too soon!

  • Meeting at 5 will repost about our order ...long drive excited about product and reviews!!

  • Capital Buds, the trillest, most illest. I leave reviews before I even donate cause it's that good.

  • Great quality. Great service. Great people.πŸ‘Œ

  • Med Quality was GREAT!!! Thanks for making it right! Greatly appreciate it.

  • easily one of the best delivery services in dc! reasonable prices, great response time, and the driver showed up right on time. definitely the only delivery service I will be using from now on. thank you guys so much!!

    reviewed Bagged Buds
  • heard DC was where it's at when looking for the goody good! we drove down from Buffalo, NY.. great communication, friendly bagman and amazing product and price! definitely hitting up Bagged Buds next time we're in town!

  • Fantastic! Quick and polite! She labeled the cartridges!

    reviewed LADY-SATIVA
  • Top shelf quality products and really chill dudes, i have ordered from these guys twice and i could not be happier with their process, communication, and professionalism. Thanks alot!!!

  • These guys are official. If you have patience they will take care of you. Very nice selection, top quality flowers, cartridges, other merchandise as well. I'm definitely satisfied with my flowers, they have good prices and will work with you. I definitely will be a repeat customer!

  • Quick and simple just be nice and realize they are small and local. My experience was enjoyable.

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