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Dispensary Reviews

  • Decent prices. Nice flower. Tincture was pretty legit. Carts, however, were excessively thick and caused lots of coughing and build up in the lungs - that's NOT a good sign. The carts were the thickest I'd ever experienced. The taste was great and the thc was there, but there was something else in those carts that wasn't right. My friend and I both had to toss them. Our lungs were not happy.

  • Quick flawless transaction. Only vendor I use and really close to Va. Super gas and real pictures. Thank you sir!

  • Another order with area 71 another positive experience. I come in from out of town so I appreciate the ultra promt delivery. I never wait around in and out boom boom done. The quality matches the selection easy choice.

    Cpaul reviewed Area71
  • Caviar Diamonds was fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Super clean and tasty πŸ˜‹ The Blue Widow hits nice and heavy right in the chest πŸŒ¬πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ The High Vibe Chocolates are super delicious and hit super hard, ate half the chocolate 45 mins later I was on my ass. Highly recommend any of these gifts from Full Spectrum Quality of products is through the roof and the speed of the service and and communication with the drivers is impeccable! Thank you once again Full Spectrum for such an amazing Experience while in DC.

  • Very nice and professional. Would recommend to anyone who likes direct easy fast service and good meds

  • DO NOT purchase the Dank Gummies!! They are selling fake bags! I've bought these same gummies from lots of other companies in DC.. decided to grab a few from here tonight and the bags are half full and there was sugar along the OUTSIDE of the bag. Didnt take me long to realize you can purchase empty dank bags online and fill them with whatever you want... Spent $200 on gummy bears I could have picked up at Dollar Tree. Not to mention their driver tried to rob me of 3 carts tonight! Done with this company.

  • These peeps are legit dealing with them you're in good hands you can't go wrong and if it is you be straightened out asap even if they close they will hit you the next morning real talk and they come almost anywhere 5 star service.

  • This is the best bud I’ve had of all the services I’ve used. The bud is consistently good and the drivers are on time and helpful. They are considerate of your time and schedule. The prices can’t be beat for the quality.

  • Get some more indica stuff I bought lastnight was crap and just about everything before that for the past 6 months

  • I text them and the reply me back fast second time second thumbs up πŸ‘ Delivery fast and quality πŸ‘Œ these details make me happy and i will send friends to HOW HIGH

  • They always get it right. Even one time it wasn’t they corrected it right away and hooked me up for my troubles. I would recommend them 100% of the time.

  • Best place ever!!! Very responsive and great customer service!!!!

    How High
    Mimi92 reviewed How High
  • 100 percent the best place in DC. I started out buying from each dispensary to learn which was best. I drive from 7 hrs away. Green house is by far the best one. Price, quality, response time, and all the above is 10000 times better

  • Excellent communication and speedy delivery. Designer, cartridges, and edibles all on point. Highly recommend!

  • Bruh I ain’t goin lie to y’all n please take it from me wen I say this shit quality is supreme if u pay the right price u will get the one above the one in short term got dam pressure 93 octane I’m a real smoker n dat shìt is no back to back shit one j u will b done facts

  • This is by far the best place in DC. From their customer service to their wide selection and product quality this is the best delivery service I’ve tried out of over a dozen others.

  • These guys are truly the best. I've ordered from several shops here in DC and none of them have been as high quality or professional. The products are straight gas. The delivery is quick and the drivers are friendly. I haven't had a bad experience yet - and I can't say that about other delivery services here.

    Linds reviewed Cloud9
  • Amazing quality & deals. Will be back.

  • These guys are always so great. Friendly, responsible and the place is super clean. I like that they support local artists. Great customer service and great quality free gifts! Only place I go.

    Top Level
    Holly reviewed Top Level
  • Not sure why there are so many bad reviews. If the conversation could be more specific that would be helpful. I called the number listed on the paq dc cite. A polite gentleman answered the phone and I was able to inquire about them being open and placing an online order. After I got off the phone, we promptly texted back and forth and I was able to determine a good address to meet. I called when I arrived and had a solid conversation with the same man. I waited all of 30 mins (maybe) and was able to make a smooth transaction that was very comfortable and professional. Bud was good quality. Nothing to complain about here.

    PAQ DC
  • Everything was easy and smooth except they gave the driver had the wrong number so my order was a little late.

  • Fast & friendly! The only damn green house I need to come too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all to come here!

  • The best place to order from without a doubt. The delivery always comes in as scheduled. They always recommend the best strains on their house favoritesπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

    JR S. reviewed Munchies
  • Just found these guys recently, have ordered my 3rd time straight, great service, quick response and good product. Loved Skittlez

    m4ster reviewed DChronixx
  • Got some zookies an biscotti from them was huff being honest was surprised haven’t shop with them since BE CAREFUL WITH THESE VENDORS ON SITE THEY BE SCAMMING I won’t buy shit else from them either🀷🏿‍♂️

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