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Dispensary Reviews

  • I gotta be honest... pretty low quality even for the price...I have to smoke 3x more than usual to get a little high. Sorry guys, i hatengivi g bad reviews but the 2 ozs I bought were pretty bad.

  • The northern lights had a load of seeds.... The bud looked terrible it honestly reminded me of mids. Didn't really give me any high to be honest it isnt worth what I paid. Wont be ordering from here again most likely.....

  • The dank cartridges where just as i expected

  • After reading some of the comments here I was a little apprehensive to use this hemproute. However I received very good customer service for two courrier services i ordered in MA .

  • Changed delivery date without a hitch. From order to delivery. great communication. Gifts are top notch, also.

  • Got the chemscout and pink candy. Chemscout turned out to be a really good daytime for me, in fact my daytime go to right now. zero sleepys and a very clean high. I always feel everything goes into a higher resolution right when i hit this and gets me moderately stoned. This pink candy looks good, hits fine, but it doesn't look much like the pics(chemscout didnt look exact either). I broke open quite a few buds looking for that purple inside but nada. It's good, sticky, crystalized bud but i don't think it's the same batch as the pic for it. I could be wrong since lighting and zoom can differ but it just looks different. Tbh tho, the flower pics here set an unreasonably high bar for $250's...i mean these are some of the best weed pics i ever seen. Anyways delivery and dispatching was smooth.

  • Price is literally the only good thing about this place. who ever runs this half assed business sucks. The'll have you waiting around for hours at a time with no updates or anything about the delivery, you'll be told to wait an hour only to have to wait another hour and another then after all that time they wont deliver. Don't waist your time or money its not worth it. The quality of the bud is not great either i've ordered multiple time simply because of the price and no one strain has been better then the other you could find much better quality at other places here like Fat Stash or Lady Sativa sometimes Area 71 and all for the same prices. They some shit over here and they got some shitty customer service :)

  • Great guys, great service, great product. Do yourself a favor and get the platinum kush for night time

  • anyone else get charged 180 for a half? just wondering if this is regular here or if mabye one of their drivers kinda did me dirty...good quality for sure but 180 is like dang

  • Great customer service! I have used them for a few deliveries and the drivers are very polite and speedy. I also had a problem with one of the carts I purchased, and they are letting me exchange it and have been very helpful and kind throughout the whole exchange!

  • The quality of the weed is pretty great, particularly the exotics, and the bud is always fresh. The delivery experience is the best I have had in the city and the drivers are always on time.

  • Can you guys unblock me? I’m cool with Eron.

  • Can you guys unblock me I didn’t do anything wrong

  • My whole Order was off and the driver still took my money even though I paid more than what he gave me. Bad experience with these guys I only got $100 of my $160 bk because the owner mike said they were closed. Very upset

  • Bought some sour diesel from here was strait garbage looked like some strait regi will never buy from this place again don’t recommend it

  • Really tasty bud. We started out with the zkittles and we were pretty pleased with the taste, high, and look. It was nice and sticky. We were curious about the Top shelf exotics. The 355 an oz. We got the Vanilla cookies. Shit. Was. Fucking. Tasty. It did not disappoint. Definitely a strain that stands out among others we've tried around D.C.

  • Was a bit skeptical about the $140 price tag because anything I ever bought that cheap was trash. I decided to go for it again because I had never bought from these guys before. I got the Super Lemon Haze and it’s some of the best bud I’ve ever gotten in the DC area. Delivery time could have been a bit quicker but hey, this is making up for it! Highly recommend!

  • They were quick to approve the order and the price was good because of the deal. However, the driver was over an hour late and the product itself ended up being a total waste of money. The sativa bud, which we ordered a 1/2 of (Jack Herer) was super weak and ineffective, like actually had no effect. And the indica, which we got a 1/4 of (purple punch) was marginally better, but had to smoke a ton to feel any effect at all. Won't be ordering from here again.

  • Very unreliable service and they make no effort to make things right. Place a preorder for a deliver and not only did they not show up at the requested delivery time and place, they made no effort to communicate to let me know they weren't going to make the agreed to delivery.

  • Great deal and experience for my first time ever ordering online. Delayed but I take the hit for picking a really bad time and location. Great communication with a very nice driver. I will definitely use Watz Poppin again.

  • These guys are the tits. great product, great price. They've also got some sort of exchange policy, which is nuts.

  • Gave me the wrong strain. And I’m not waiting another 2 hours for y’all to bring me what I ordered in the first place. Can’t trust you time they may give me some CBD! On to the next business :)

  • Luv these guys! The variety and service keep you coming back. But it's definitely the variety that will make you stay!

  • Love these guys

  • So now I’ve been blocked. This dude robbed me for $500!! Where is my justice

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