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Dispensary Reviews

  • The most customer service oriented delivery store I’ve seen on here. Fantastic array of choices and all are top notch quality! I’m a pure sativa to 50/50 hybrid fan and their lemon tree can’t do you wrong if you’re like me.

  • Disappointed to say the least!! I frequent several vendors,I wouldn’t recommend this place just sloppy business and product shows. Search on my friends!!

  • No complaints. Hands down the best place ive dealt with! They have always have good stuff and delivery is a breeze

  • They were very helpful and friendly and advised me on which strain would suit my needs. It came in a cute bag with a sticker and the two free joints were included. I was charged a $20 delivery fee though, even though I traveled to them to pick up and they just came to my car. Not too happy about that...

  • Zero communication and had me waiting for hours.

  • Had the best experience with Astro so far I've tried a lot of other delivery service but these guys are the best.. I've ordered from them 3 times last week and I'm impressed from quality, deals, and carts!

  • Bought a few cartridges in a sale. One of them was cracked and leaky. They were able to replace it at a time convenient to my schedule for free. Great customer service! Thanks guys!

  • Great service! Easy ordering and fast delivery! Rock was an awesome driver!! Thanks!

  • Everything about this company is top notch. The Gelato was out of this world!!! Great customer service as well.

  • First time order, decided to give them a try:Very Speedy service , my gift was lighter than it should have been and had a lot of shake too. Short a total of about 3.5 .not satisfied. Quality is decent, but not like the pictures.They told me they would give me a free gift of the same amount they shorted me next time...Why would there be a next time when each bag is pinched? I responded It's not free if I already response to that. Not cool, wish it was better. Go elsewhere! HERB NEVER shorts,and has better quality.

  • They definitely treat senior citizen like royalty here. Best experience out of all the DC services.

  • Enjoyed the product and ordered close to closing and they still delivered in a timely manner.

  • stuff was okay...chocolope had a lot more seeds in it then i was use to..

  • They charge $20 on delivery. They need change it to free delivery, it’s 2018, nobody like to pay delivery fees. Change it. Peace out.

  • Thank you for your wonderful service.

  • This is by far the best place to go. Best service, products, and speed. They have been closed all weekend and have had to use another company. Miss you elevator guys please get in touch.

  • Great! Great deals on bud, and best prices on carts I’ve seen. Overall good customer service.

  • I love dabbers they are the best. They actually showed up I really appreciate you guys.

  • Did yall just gift a bowl to me?! Talk about fast service! Between the order and pick-up was less than 45 min.Got ronaldo special with extreme cream and sour og. Both look and smell like gas-0- lean. Also, BOTH bags were 100% sealed by vacuum. That alone is something i appreciate to the max. Keep up the good work and thanks for quick communications yall. -George

  • Super fast & good prices + a first time buyer bonus. gang

  • Very good customer service and smooth transaction.

  • Nice dispensary. Slightly higher prices compared to other dispensaries around Ann Arbor. I also didn't like that they charged sales tax before they were legally required to, not sure who pocketed those taxes.

  • Out of the 5 places I've tried so far, this is the first service to arrive ON TIME. This was also the first time I was late. The driver was super cool though and waited 20 minutes for me to arrive (sorry again!) The gift (dosidos) is excellent. I highly reccommend this service

  • Awesome flower ,best I've had in a while . Thanks. Also communication was stellar whole process took about 1hr. Def worth it

  • The only guys I will go to. They consistently have high quality bud and are always on time.

    Mike reviewed Bagged Buds
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