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Dispensary Reviews

  • I was looking forward to leaving some positive feedback but unfortunately y’all let me down. I waited an hour past the estimated time then was given an oz of huff. I cancelled the order with dispatch due to a misunderstanding then the driver called me and said it was fine. Based on the reviews I wouldn’t have thought you guys were like that but clearly you were trying to just get the money.

  • Slow af. It’s been three hours and still no text from the driver with an ETA. Have called at least 4 times with no resolve. Halp, I just want the Mary Jane

  • Very fast delivery but the quality was honestly some of the worst. Yeah it did the job but very harsh smoke. Also found several seeds.

  • These guys are the best service in DC hands down. Fire bud and fire daily deals! Definitely will order again soon

  • Ordered from these guys several times already and will probably order from them again. They've got the quickest service I've experienced so far.

  • Just donated, and the driver was very friendly, A1 service over all. The quality of the product is absolutely incredible. Well labeled, and very well packaged. I will definitely be using this service everytime I come back to D.C. to visit. Wonderful experience.

  • Good weed but pretty unreliable service. If you're in a rush or need a guaranteed delivery, then go elsewhere. If you have the time, then the stuff they've got here is top notch, but good luck.

  • Disappointed that the website was not more clear or transparent about delivery ranges. Upon check-out, you're told that the delivery minimum is $100, but depending on your location, you might be informed (via text message, only after you've placed your order) that the delivery minimum is $150 plus $10 delivery fee. Also, though they advertise 7-day a week delivery, Sunday deliveries are only fulfilled if you placed your order the Saturday evening before. Again, I would advise to be more transparent about that in the future to mitigate disappointment of potential customers.

  • Consistent quality and great deals. This is the kind of hookup you hope for. I'm just glad I found em.

  • I've tried so many different services in DC and these guys are by far the best. Most places are extremely overpriced or sell fake carts. I was tired of going to events to only find they were selling exotics and dank vapes. Or places that actually have good carts are selling them for like $65+ for one. Watz Poppin has amazing customer service, super speedy pickups, and amazing prices. All their products are top quality. I honestly don't waste my time with anyone else in DC anymore.

  • Exceptional products, service, and price. Totally would recommend them to anyone interested.

  • Fast service, unfortunately the product was seedy , no fragrance, no taste , no buzz!

  • I had to walk to pick up my delivery. I placed an order at 12:30, didn't get it until 3. Didn't notify me if/when they received my ID or of when they were on the way. The driver wouldn't even go to my address and had me walk the rest of the way to pick up my delivery.

  • Picked up and met quick but sold me fake kingpens

  • Great specials and selection. The quality is great too.

  • I could have left a 5-star review just on the service alone, but glad I waited to try the bud because it too was super on point. Communication was top-notch and this was probably the fastest I’ve ever gotten an order delivered. Definitely will order again. Thanks, y’all 🤗

  • ASSC met my every need with knowledge and a great product lineup. Will for sure use the services again

  • Sold me some regular and called it King Kush, this shyt is horrible I’m mad I paid $125 for this

  • I forgot to tip the driver and feel real bad about it! I'll make sure to tip extra next time, sorry

  • I ordered Gelato strain yesterday. I’m pretty sure, what I got is totally different. The free roll I got is cool but I wish I had received the premium as advertised.

  • If you really smoke weed often, this isn’t the place for you. While the prices are good, the bud is most definitely not. It tastes bad, tons of seeds, and full of stems. Worth it to get higher quality elsewhere for a higher price unfortunately.

  • It was good flower.

  • So I was wondering where I can get the best flower on my trip to dc this past weekend and V-Flowers definitely helped me out. Plus FREE DELIVERY! That’s unheard of. Consistent and quick. I will definitely be back.

  • First Time customer!!

  • They are my go to. Not the best selection, but everything I've gotten has been good. The customer service is both friendly and user friendly. Free delivery and always throw in some nice perks for being a loyal customer. I'd say they focus more on quality and giving their customers an easy experience than having 30 strains available. I'll be going back to them

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