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Dispensary Reviews

  • Love these guys. Been ordering bud and tincture from them for close to a year. Not a fan of their edibles, but when it comes to tincture and flower, they got you. I'm obsessed with their ATF. It changed recently and seems to be outdoor, but still gets me right in the morning.

    High Society
  • Only ordered from them twice after seeing review from Gentleman Toker, and they are quickly moving up to possibly being the only place I order from. Amazing pricing and deals. The staff at the office is so friendly. I have been very satisfied with every item.

  • I've ordered from them for about a year. Tried several different price points for bud, its priced properly. Staff is friendly. They are busy, so ordering day in advance is suggested.

    Cssrva reviewed Hi-lifeDc
  • Hands down the best and easiest experience I’ve ever had with wheresweed! The buds are great, the price was good, communication was excellent, and the delivery was incredibly quick. Highly recommend Gasnation.

    Gas nation
  • A little long of a wait but came as expected and definitely delivered. It’s some great loud ? at an awesome price. Can’t wait to shop again

    Gas nation
  • Quality product priced just right. The mid-grade outdoor Cherry Pie flower I got was on par with some of the branded/designer herb I left back in Cali. The only thing I would want Gasnation to improve on is the estimated delivery time provided.

    Gas nation
  • Hands down the best delivery service in D.C.!!!! Great product for great prices

  • Great prices great quality great service

  • Poor quality product doesn’t get you high very disappointed

    Chishia47 reviewed Cloud9
  • Dishonest. Meds is trash.

    Kush coma
  • πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

    High Up
    Beanz92 reviewed High Up
  • Great experience!

  • Hash King is a terrible company. They lie and have no integrity, or customer appreciation. The weed they carry subpar and is +AA at best. The product Hash Kings delivered to me was horrible! ALSO BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. Hash King does NO REFUNDS & NO EXCHANGES because they know that it’s garbage. They are the worst! Hash Kings are crooks who steal and mislead. It says a lot about them to treat people so badly in a pandemic. I’ll NEVER order there again. CALGARY BEWARE OF HASHKINGS. They are a big waste of money.

    Hash king
  • Definitely my go to place for my Sour Diesel; excellent quality and speedy service

  • I gave these guys 5 stars until I tried what my friend got I paid for legendary zaaa and at those prices it better be legit. But the wedding cake and Pineapple Express and blue cheese my friend got we’re fake I’m pretty sure it’s cbd if it isn’t it’s straight dirt weed stay far away the weed is super weak unless you pay 350 a zip way too many selections to ever go here again. I’m disappointed I liked the company but can’t rock with you if you doing grey shady ass deals like that wasted 400 dollars lesson learned

  • I’m about to make an order this week and it it such a relief to not shop around anymore. I never have to to worry about what I’m getting when dealing with How High.

    How High
  • i always buy carts here but this time the carts were clear didnt taste right or like weed at all usually i have no issues but all 4 of my carts none really get me high the syrup was good tho

  • I have only experienced great things from them in quality, price and delivery. Very happy so far!

  • Amazing. Some of the best quality flower I've had. Customer service is phenomenal. I'm sticking to Zaa Zaa Galaxy for all of my cannabis needs.

  • Once again y’all did not disappoint! Snaps for the amazing Pineapple Express! I haven’t tried the bubblegum or G-Force yet, but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Thanks again! Y’all have got yourself a customer for life ☺️ 🀞🏻.

    DC Aroma
    NEUnroe reviewed DC Aroma
  • Love it here! Easy. Great price. Amazing Staff. Just wish the prerolls were rolled better Bc maybe out of the 10 I’ve gotten only about 2 were smokeable. Sometimes it’s packed too tight and you can’t Or when you can it canoes like crazy

  • everything is great quality and customer service is excellent!! don't bother with anywhere else

  • I have tried a couple dispensaries around, and Jackpot is by far the best! They have amazing deals on high quality flower, carts and edibles that go with them! My brother and I have tried different strains from here, and honestly the name says it all “Jackpot”! Jade is so helpful and friendly too, answering any question I may have. Definitely plan on being a repeat patron!

  • Had an issue with my order and called them up to trade for a different strain. They were more than happy to rectify the situation and I left very pleased. Thank you guys for always making it right. This is why i will always come back to yall.

    Deja Vu
  • Fake reviews they rip you off and make you wait they’re very rude too

    Kush coma
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