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Dispensary Reviews

  • Amazing service driver was great and most important of all no one can get can beat the price in this dry weather.

  • This place went above and way beyond to help me out when I was lost and confused. They had extreme patience and I will contact again. I can't thank y'all enough. You guys rock!

    Jay El reviewed starbuds
  • Great service, on time n great weed

  • 🙁 Really bad quality. All they can say is, "that's why it's so cheap". 👎

  • Super awesome love their deals such a friendly place.

  • Speedy, great quality, great customer service, great drivers! Highly recommend!

    Jake G reviewed starbuds
  • These guys are hacks. My order never arrived. Complete botch.

  • I love the quality of the THC oil at a awesome price. My only complaint is they were really late with my delivery. I understand they were running behind and really busy that night but still it was a bit disappointing.

  • I am honestly more disappointed in this service than I have ever been with any of them. To be fair, they were very fast and gave me a pretty good deal with 3 carts for $150, even though I only got one flavor that I requested. It happens, whatever, no big deal. The drivers got it to me faster than expected and didn't charge a fee, so I was happy to tip them. All good so far. HOWEVER, all 3 carts are complete garbage and either fakes or defective. As in, someone clearly emptied 2 of these out by 75% and filled them with cooking oil or something. One Kingpen cart, Skywalker OG, doesn't work on any device you try because the connector and/or coil is broken, seems to be both. The oil seems legit, though, although runny, and we can probably move it to another cart. Wasn't as disturbed by this. THEN the other Kingpen cart, Cali O, is the worst smoke or vape of my life. It spits and spatters when it burns like nicotine oil, and tastes like stale vegetable oil. Has a similar runny viscosity to

  • So I came from Colorado. Have been here over a year and finally found Area71. Thank god for Area71!!!! I was getting sick and tired of people thinking their stuff was top shelf when indeed it was not. Area 71 is top notch and came thru on clutch. Couldnt imagine a better first experience.

  • sour deisel, candy jack, green crack all look, smell, taste & feel exactly the same: weak

  • I am honestly disappointed in this service. To be fair, they were very fast and have me a pretty good deal with 3 carts for $150, even though I only got one flavor that I requested. HOWEVER, all 3 carts are complete garbage and clearly fakes. As in, someone clearly emptied these out by 75% and filled them with cooking oil or something. One Kingpen cart doesn't even work on any pen you try because the connector is broken, as well as not having an effect. Another Kingpen cart, Cali O, boils and sputters and tastes like stale vegetable oil, and does even less for the desired effect. The last one is a Dank vape indica, Purple Punch, which is mostly a dark brown oil. So WHY are there pale, golden, transparent pockets of oil that won't mix with the browner oil and move around like water? Because every single one of them has been tampered with or was fake to start with, despite having an "unbroken" sticker on the packaging to seal it. I just wasted $150 on useless carts. As a vendor

  • The driver was very professional.. I accidentally paid him extra cash and he didn’t hesitate to return it. Customer service was quick to respond and helped me combine two of my orders.. flower was top notch.. thanks Hyfe!!

    Jessetokez reviewed HYFE
  • Ordered 10 heavy hitters. After waiting and hour past two hour window driver showed up. Carts were not legit dark did not hit well and tasted like shit.

  • Great vendor! Top notch customer service, product, and delivery. Highly recommended.

  • No confirmation call. Driver calls 2.5 hrs after order placed and says he is 10 mins away. I should have followed my instinct and said HELL NO! I Ordered 2 x from these folks. TOTAL GARBAGE each time! I would recommend you donate elsewhere.

  • DCFinest lives up to their name. Good group of guys, very courteous and professional. The quality of the product is well above average. The delivery service is definitely a plus. They are always on time. You owe it to yourself to checkout these guys.

  • Top quality medical marijuana available for sale Weed Fake Notes ( Counterfeit ) available discreetly hash moon rock Full spectrum Oil Edibles For more details teat... +1 865 409 3086 // KiK or Wickr ID ......Supernotes

  • Idk I could be wrong but it seems like they pick and choose who they deliver to....or even who they answer. Why even be on here if you won't acknowledge pre-orders or texts? Be Careful with these dudes

  • Top quality medical marijuana available for sale Weed hash moonrock Full spectrum Oil Edibles For more details teat... +1 865 409 3086

  • The hours change randomly, don't bother.

  • Sour diesel ⛽🔥

  • First time placing an order they were extremely fast and friendly I will definitely re-order from there

    Cindy H. reviewed Area71
  • 2nd time ordering from WDC. Had an issue with my pre-order I placed the night before this time. They ran out of what I wanted and had to text them 15 mins before my pre-order time for them to tell me and I had to re-order on here to get something else causing me to have to wait 1.5 hours longer to get it. They did hook it up with a free atomizer for the trouble but being as I come from 2 hrs away it was an inconvenience. But the product is pretty good for the price and their distillate carts are some of the best and reasonably priced. My go to for concentrates in DC.

  • Over the last month or so they've been slow and careless. 40 min waits happening more frequently to regular customers. Like they're trying to drive customers away with raising prices and giving shitty attitudes with the delivery

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