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Dispensary Reviews

  • Gift was good . My delivery driver was amazing 😉

  • Made the call, Brief conversation, text to secure information, and I had my order 90 minutes later. Very professional staff. Thank you

  • Good product for good price with good speed,will order again,thanks

  • Was very excited to suddenly see these guys around again, and today they were just as awesome as they'd been the last five or so times I've gone with them. Super easy to deal with, super nice, and excellent gifts - thanks fellas!

  • Med quality hit or miss. Those THC tabs don't always seem spot on...something that's 30THC should be loud...not faint smell in the bag. Price is good. Had gelato that was the shiznip. However 🍍 express wasn't that good quality wise. Their bad with time. I usually wait 20-1hr after the eta and I'm driving from bmore. They never give gifts and that sucks. Its a lot other shops to choose from that do similar stuff with better quality and better service.

  • Can’t believe this loving it will be coming back

  • A1 no steak sauce baby

  • So I’ve only been waiting all week to place my didn’t care if I had to catch a spaceship to get to JetPack I was WAITING!!!! The best delivery and flowers in the city!!!!

  • Orange Cookies is the best I've ever had and you guys always have it. Bless.

  • This place is wonderful, reccomend to everyone.

  • First time with them and it was fantastic! Super fast confirmation and great deals. Will go to again for sure!

  • Ive been buyingbm bud for yrs but they are the best


  • The closest quality to the dispensaries I used to go before moving here. Not only do they have the most diverse range of products, but they are also the most consistent with the ordering and delivery process. This is what makes me keep coming back.

  • bud tender was polite and knew "his stuff". Easy parking.

  • Before I buy anybody try Zebra Dream!?

  • Amazing people and quality. I am Really impressed and thankful to have found them. Top shelf all around. Can't wait for my next visit already!!

  • Nice customer service but their King Pens are fake. They only have one hole in the bottom of the interior cartridge while the legit ones have 2. The oil is low quality, opaque and has no viscosity. King Pen on the other hand has award winning oil. They order the carts from Ali Baba and fill them up with their own low quality oil. Check out the pic of the cartridges, you can see the watermark from the person who sells these fake cartridges. there are typos all over the canister. And King Pen hasn't used that type of packaging for over 2 years. these guys profit off of other peoples intellectual property. My first cartridge broke due to the cheap chinese materials they use. They gave me another one which was nice, but the quality is even worse. Do NOT buy their counterfeit product

  • The delivery person was an hour late to our scheduled time, I had to call the company to get the courier to call me. Great product, the company was helpful, just wish it was on time.

  • The bud was good but the speed was not. I ordered from here approximately 1.5 hours before it closes, thinking I had enough time to receive my order. Not only was my delivery at least two hours late but I didn’t get the promised preroll and gift. I wasn’t expecting them in my order until I called and i was told I would receive them as compensation for my time. This was not true. The driver did not have them. Really, my issue is with the driver I was given, not the quality of the weed or the service. Whoever I spoke with on the phone was very apologetic and did offer me the gift and preroll, but it’s the follow through that was lacking. Will use again, hope this doesn’t remain an issue

  • Great experience with these guys. I was very impressed with the product, the professionalism and how easy it was dealing with them. The buds are of very high quality, weigh out fine and deliver very potent buzzes. Highly recommended.

  • Flying Nimbus has definitely earned their 100%'s. Fast, friendly, amazing bud at a price that you really can't beat. Will be ordering again. Only complaint, you should specify in your description that you don't deliver until 11am ;)

  • Never thought Herb would have left us unsatisfied Zebra not as pictured nor available was lgiven a zip of hey smelling nothing addressed the situation and haven't heard back in two days on how they plan to fix it so that's my review looks like you guys have lost a faithful customer buyers beware only your money is important I feel sorry the drivers have to go out in traffic to deliver junk so sad so sad

  • Cool company. Serious quality products!!

  • Best stoned experience. Loyal customer, they gave me free pre rolls 10/10

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