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Dispensary Reviews

  • DCE is the benchmark by which all delivery services should be judged. Their selection never fails to have something exciting and new and many options to meet your particular medicinal needs. Their specials beat nearly anything else out there and, perhaps most importantly, it's clear that everyone involved in the organization understands what it means to run a business and they treat their clients right

  • Staff are extremely knowledgeable! Check-in was quick and efficient. The store was bright and nicely laid out! Surprised that it was still cash only but there are 2 ATMs, so no problem!

  • Fast and friendly, and as far as quality cant get better than this for the price.

  • These guys go above and beyond to please the customer. Every experience I've had with them has been great amazing flower amazing carts and amazing service. My go-to in DC for sure and terp is the shit!

  • This place is 100% Run by the police. Beware of everyone in the lobby and your computer tracking. This place is a police trap house.

  • The Ganja Gummies has more flavor than usual which I instantly noticed. These are the most fruitiest and potent gummies I've tried. I look forward to trying the blueberry flavor and the fudge brownies next! <3 <3 <3

  • I wrote a longer review but I think WW might have eaten it. Doesn’t matter. All that really matters is that HL has consistently surpassed my expectations in terms of quality, price, delivery time, and communication. They’re a pleasure to do business with (or, “with which to do business,” if you’re a grammar Nazi).

  • I cant remember how many times they’ve impressed me. Their concentrates are so strong I literally cannot remember!

  • Great service! This was the fastest turn around time from pre-order to delivery that's ever had on this platform. Quick responses when asking questions about product, prices, and delivery ETA. Can't wait to try the Snickerdoodles I got. Thanks, again!

  • They were fast easy to deal with and their buds and chocolate diesel cart was on point def will return

  • Everyone there was super nice, knew what they were talking about and spent time with me so I could get exactly what I was looking for. Will be returning.

  • Awesome carts. Fast delivery. Delivery guy waited for me. Didn't get my free preroll but no biggie. Thx.

  • Great product-- I'm always looking for really strong sativas, so it was so nice to see unusual strains for the area here, and the quality doesn't disappoint-- also great overall experience! V professional customer service but more importantly personable and knowledgable-- Trusted the advice and in the end was so happy with what I got! This business is really a gem-- will definitely be a repeat customer

  • First time using these guys and they waived the delivery fee and threw in some free funzies!! Will definitely use them again!

  • Not one to write a review but damn these guys are fast!

  • Nothing but the best when dealing with these guys, driver beat me to the location, and was patient, down to earth, all in all good people almost notch product too!

  • Overpriced carts and flowers. Live resin was the best deal there, but was nothing special. They never update their current stock online, and won't tell you anything over the phone; so it's always a 'going in blind' experience where prices and stock change daily. I'd only visit again if nowhere else is open.

  • 👎🏻 Honestly I would love to give a review but no one is responding and I don’t know how to access them other than parties (sensory issues cannot attend). I’ve asked for help through Instagram and nothing. So zero for accessibility guys! It’s a shame bc your prices are good and I’ve gotten really strong recommendations for your products.

  • 2nd time, still good. Dosidos took care of the rest.. best deal in the city!!

  • This service is FAST! It's no joke! I contacted them late in the evening and received my delivery within nearly 30 minutes. Is this real life???

  • Hate to leave a review like this, but here we are: bought a half of Green Crack from these guys. As I opened the package, I noticed it smelled much "fresher" (less cured) than any flower I had previously ordered at other services, and had gray mold (botrytis cinerea, or "bud rot"). It is toxic, and can make you quite ill. It occurs either in the field, or in the curing process, and once it's in, it's impossible to get out. Called the guy at FS, who was understandably skeptical (it had been a few days; I work, a lot), agreed to an exchange. Just as instructed, I texted him my replacement order, within 3 minutes of speaking with him. Over an hour later, I asked if he had received it. Also sent a high-res photo of the bud rot. Long story short: half a dozen very polite texts later, still no response. This is a public safety issue. I have used maybe 8-10 of these services, and never had an experience like this (although I've never had to return product, either). After t

  • Great experience all around, every time! Distillate is delightful! Other extracts perfect! Legit,and fair! Quality and selection unmatched

  • Great customer service delivery was on time the flower was dead on when weighed and great packaging and great flower especially the sunset sherbert and sour D.

  • Do u guys do walk in

  • Had a great experience. Ethan, the Driver was on time very nice. Will use again.

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