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Dispensary Reviews

  • What an outstanding service. They offer a full return and exchange policy no questions asked... unheard of and I’ve tried a LOT of services out here. Dispatch communication is thorough and doesn’t leave you guessing and waiting blindly. I’ll be coming back many times over. 👍👍👍

  • I have tried many other places and either got inferior product or delivery took hours this place is on point good product with fast delivery

  • Thanks for showing me what Alien Og is supposed to be like! I tried Alien Og from different service and let me just say...... MBK & Co slaughters on sight! I’ll be back soon.

  • New patient & will be returning. Communication is amazing! They will keep you updated as your order becomes ready. They are SPEEDY! No 2 hour wait like the others. And some of the best meds in the city! Win, win all the way around!

  • What’s the new number?

  • Wdc has the best cart deals in dc, reliable delivery, and most importantly the dabs are dank

  • Been a long time customer. Quality went wayyy down. Cost went up. The last few times quality was just OK, but the worst batch i had received a few weeks ago. And the driver took over 2 hours to deliver. STILL did not complain. Then they texted me with a new number. I explained my last experience and they did not respond or offer to do anything to gain back a long time customer. Just sad. I never leave bad reviews but felt the need to do this because there are way better companies out.

  • Driver is always polite, quick and communicates clearly. The product themselves are top quality and the deals are priced at a great value. I only buy from these guys for a reason

  • Great deals here and the best concentrate I've ever had!

  • The last time I ordered from them they sent me the wrong order and then told me that their drivers was too busy to bring the correct order back to me after I gave them my money. Then they offered to send me a text stating that they owe me 2 eighths then all of a sudden their phone number changed now I get no return text nor do they answer my calls. I even tried ordering online and no success.This is bad business and I will not be ordering with them again there is to many hands in it and the customer service sucks. there is always somebody different to deal with and the communication between them is of no help. I always seem to have to wait for over an hour past the time they say they will be there. the upside they do at least give nice gifts and the tree is fire but that doesn't help if they cant even get the order right and all they have is excuses why they cant where was those excuses before you got my money.

  • Everything was great. Driver bud service ^^

  • Palm Trees is hands down the best outfit in DC. Look no further. The quality is unmatched. Using any other service is a waste of time.

  • Great experience for my first time in DC! Friendly staff and great customer service. Driver was able to communicate efficiently to make it a smooth process. Will definitely order again!

  • Excellent customer service! Great communication, stellar service!

  • Awesome. Looking around last night came across this and my jaw dropped. They have it all. The prices are great. Their menu is out of this world. You couldn’t ask for more organization. I spend a lot of money. But this operation will be the bomb.

  • It was such a good experience

  • Awful experience!! The driver showed up late, and they pushed me not to cancel my order... so I waited... and when the driver showed up he took my money— and handed me a bag that was missing 1 of the two items I ordered, which cost $100!! They essentially stole $100 from me— do not buy from this company. Wish I could give 0 stars.

  • Love coming here. Low prices great service and easy in and out access

  • Best deal on carts around only 35$ and quick delivery too!

  • Everything from quality, to price to driver and speed was top-notch. will definitely be ordering again

  • Подаются базы Готовые Cвежая сырая база размер 60 милионов сайтов за март 2019 года(профилей, топиков, гостевых досок и комментариев для прогонки Xrumer и другими аналогичными программами. Очищеные базы для XRumer 18.x.x и GSA Search Engine Ranker ) так же возможен сбор баз на заказ таких порталов как авито и тд [b]По всем возникшим вопросам Вы можете обратиться в скайп логин pokras7777[/b]

  • Capital Buds has great service and quite possibly the best quality product in DC, however, they charge a premium for this. 1G cartridges are $100-$125!! In LA or CO these same products are ~$40. Other sites on here provide similar quality products for much less. I am a huge fan of capital buds but until prices come down I'll have to elsewhere.

  • I’ve used this site numerous times. Never wrote a review even tho most ask you too. I got some carts as a gift. Let me tell you. The quality is unmatched. And the price is unmatched. Don’t waste time anywhere else. Hit these guys up.

  • Wow. Everything is on point with these guys. Compared to all the other delivery services I’ve come in contact with, this is the best one hands down. Sour OG was great.. excited to try some of the other flavors. Great communication and knowledgeable people.

  • sucks when your go to shatter and bud plug is always closed whenever youre trying to pick up... gotta keep the client updated on when you guys are gonna be open so we can plan our pick ups

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