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Dispensary Reviews

  • I legit feel like I’ve been scammed so I’ll be leaving a review for every dollar they took from me, SHIT IS FUCKED UP FR DON’T LOSE YOUR MONEY, DONT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!

  • Worst experience on Where’s Weed. Bud was HORRIBLE!!! Called to see if they could swap it out because it smelled like reggie and potpourri. Replaced it with “Skywalker” after requesting $10 more. New bud was equally as bad, so terrible I refused to smoke it, Noone else wants it, and now it’s collecting dust in the corner. NEVER ORDER FROM HERE, A free 2 grams of trash bud and/or trash edibles are not worth it!!!!πŸ™„πŸ€¬πŸ˜€

  • Clean packaging and great quality! Very responsive too - won't go anywhere else - A+

  • First time Having granddaddy purple awesome, driver give update time and everything my man

  • Placed and order. Waited an hour. No ETA update. Called, told me they don't service my part of town. Aka Captiol fucking Hill. Definitely was a weak-ass cop-out just to not service me. Don't use these retards. Weed is shit anyway.

  • Very punctual and understanding

  • My guys! Thanks for the gifts again!

  • Awesome Service. Cart was amazing and flower is always on point. Def recommend

  • Can't really say what hasn't been said alreadyabout juiced. You get what you pay for. Perfect if you want Q's and eights, little pricey if you get volume but can always excpect fire gifts and reliable service!

  • My online order and attempts at phone communication were completely ignored

  • Usually good service, but two days in a row my online orders and attempts at communication by phone have been completely ignored.

  • Awesome awesome awesome

  • Falling off but I'm loyal, started with u guys on here so I'll still hit u guys 1st every time.

  • I was very pleased with the quality of weed for the price i was paying! I got 5 Grams for $20 and it was some of the best $4 weed I've gotten. I usually get dark crunchy weed! They also had more than one or two options they had a whole case... Def will be coming back!

  • Fast delivery, professional, great communication, great variety of options, great gas!

    Chuck T reviewed
  • Not too many doing it better than u guys. keep up the good workπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  • I was visiting DC from Denver and I just have to say, I’m really impressed. From quality of the bud (I got Pink Cookies) to the nice artwork and delivery timing. The cotton candy was delicious. I wish I could have gotten a few bags to take back with me. I really like how this company supports local artists. My experience was excellent.

  • the vendor is leaving fake reviews to boost their rating. just a reminder to everyone not to do business with these scammers.

  • Hey Legends! You guys came through for me once again bringing me exactly what I wanted, exactly when I asked for it. Blueberry Kush was a sack of frosty nugs that I was elated to add to my life....but the Sherblato **(making that gesture like when your meal is delicious and you kiss your fingers as if to say, Tre Magnifique!!!)*** that sherblato had an aroma that made my motherfucking nipples hard. I regret 2 1st marriage, and not getting more of that fucking sherblato. Holy shit, that's pretty fun to say....SherBlaTo!! Strong lung punch too....gave me a fucking SherBlotomy *boom, still got it* See you fellers again soon-style! -Paul

  • ATTN: CapitolDanks Team- Only 25 minutes after confirming my order I was already back in my hotel room eyeballing my delivery and realizing instantly that I should have dialed your number MONTHS ago. Never got the driver's name, but she was awesome, communicative & where she said she'd be when she said she'd be there. She made sure that I knew that my donation was appreciated and that my business was cherished. -Your listings are honest. Your prices are absolutely fair. Your gifts are Loud. Please go nowhere. I appreciate you. See y'all next trip! -Paul

  • Had my order exactly when Mission Control had promised. Pilot was top-notch with communication, professionalism and an overall pleasant dude. My only issue is finding a new face to replace the one JP's gifts melted off......luckily the internet has everything.

  • Great

  • I decided to try Bloomerz 130 oz deal. They did communicate through delivery, but after trying at least a dozen vendors, the quality of the Super Silver Haze has fertilizer burn (discolored) parts of flower and is harsh, and no a multi-year Cannabis Cup winner shouldn’t smoke and taste harsh. Doesn’t matter what kind of deal you’re offering if you’re dumping a growers mistake for medical quality that’s not medical grade! Some of you guys are going to get busted by other former growers trying to pass it off and they will call it out. You never know who’s going to try you!

  • My experience? Let me tell y’all, it was legit the G.O.A.T. My dumbass couldn’t figure out how to use the app or place an order and they legit helped me the entire time. They called to make sure I figured out how to place the order AND ON TOP OF THAT MADE SURE I DID IT BEFORE THEY CLOSED. They could have been like meh fuxk it, we close in five min you basic bitches are shit out of luck. Did they? NAAAH. AND ON TOP OF THAT THE SHIT WAS DELIVERED IN LIKE TEN MINUTES. I seriously think the driver apparatted here or DC is a lot smaller than I thought but anyways his shit is fire and amazing and y’all need to order

  • This menu is nuts. This company knows what's up with demand. I will be using this again. I LOVE Eureka. Good job Teez.

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