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Dispensary Reviews

  • Got some cherry pie shatter the other day that came with an 1/8 of lemon og as an extra gift. The shatter has been unbelievably crucially amazing. The lemon was out of this world my mind has been blown. Epic delivery service they were quick and super nice and accommodating. Definitely using them again.

  • Product is f

  • Like other reviewers, I have tried numerous other delivery services before I tried Natural Deliveries, and this one far exceeds my expectations. Love the bud! The med quality is definitely top shelf and they always have a fine selection to pick and choose. With both their price and quick delivery service, you will not be disappointed! The team is very pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and they keep you posted on the delivery status every step on the way to your doorstep. I've never been let down by a single order. Highly recommended!

  • They treat me good and have good gifts. Tee

  • They treat me good and have good gifts. Tee

  • They hooked it up on more than one occasion. Every time the buds were good. Delivery took longer than expected but they communicated throughout the entire process and make up for it with excellent service. I will def use them again.

  • After my first time using Flow-Go-DC, I have to say: I am utterly impressed. Communication with Los was top-notch. The speediness of delivery was incredible. The bud quality is great. And they even hooked me up a little more. I will definitely be back and I HIGH-ly recommend.

  • These guys are the go to, always on time. Drivers are most definitely the best around, Sonny by far is the coolest driver I've met!

  • Wow! Wow! EZ Pee-Z!!!! Friendly folks on the phone, and friendly driver. Will buy from these cats again.

  • If you enjoy a mix of strains and goodies, I can’t recommend the Mystery Packs highly enough. Since it’s HL, you can be confident you’re going to get some solid gifts, but they’re also a great way to try an assortment of treats at the best value for your donation dollars. I’ve posted glowing reviews of HL before, but they just keep getting better and better.

  • Great costumer service,would definitely recommend.

  • Superb experience, speedy delivery and willingness to answer my questions. Excellent products and best service yet!

  • I gotta say the overall quality was very nice but the driver took a minute to get here. However the lack of proper labeling makes me feel like I don't know what I'm getting. The cartridges taste like jack herrer :D

  • These guys haven’t been bad in the past, but today I placed an order 3 hours ago and I’ve yet to hear if it was even accepted.

  • SUPER fast delivery and such a friendly driver (he’s fine af too). they were prompt in answering my questions and getting the delivery settled. i’m just a stoner but good customer service makes all the difference in deciding where i’m gonna order from them again. think i’m ready to make these guys my one and only lmaoo. excited to try more!

  • I had a pretty good experience with Cannabear DC my only issue is that one of my carts was clogged up when I got it. Drivers were friendly but late but threw in freebies to make up for it.

  • First time using flo-go. It took about 3 hours to get my order delivered, as i was waiting i read some of the reviews and got nervous BUT i must say, delivery time aside, Flo-Go is for sure my new go-to :) i got fire buds (no shake like some people say), the pen cartridge was a smooth smoke. It didn't have name but tastes like Jack Herer. They know what they're doing so thanks

  • I got white lsd and blue city diesel and they were both fire. He was on time and the quality of the gas was superb. Will definitely try more things from this store.

  • Good Quality vape cartidge Pepsi is my favorite flavor check them out .def Comin back

  • First time ordering, i had to call and talk to the lady multiple times because i was confused, she was very helpful and will be ordering here again! That’s all I’ve encountered so far!

  • Flower were just okay. I wish I could have seen what I was being gifted because it definitely wasn't what was in the picture and pre roll tube empty. You could've kept it. Never again.

  • Yeah

  • awesome such a great service dont even have to leave your house

  • The recommendation was made by MMJHerb in 1 day I’m happy with results and I will address here again.

  • I hope these guys get their delivery problems ironed out, because they sell quality bud at the best prices I’ve come across. As far as I’m concerned, you can charge me a $20 delivery fee or you can make me wait 3 hours, but you can’t do both. Med Quality 4/5 Quality like I said. A little stemmier than I’d normally like, but for the price no complaints. Price 5/5 $60 quarters is tough to beat. I’ve never paid less personally. Bud Driver 3/5 This would be a 1 because of the tardiness except I can’t say for sure it was the driver’s fault. He seemed cool enough, if a little flustered and rushed. Felt bad stiffing the guy, but again, $20 delivery fee + 3-hour wait = no tip Speediness 1/5 It was a busy Saturday, they’re a young start-up, yadda yadda... I’m pretty easygoing and understanding, but there are only so many ways to polish sitting around waiting for 3 hours on an ASAP order. Get it figured out and I’ll happily

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