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Dispensary Reviews

  • fair prices, dank herb and shoutouts to my driver , she texted me and arrived 30 min early and was super dope

  • I'm from Seattle and know quality and good service when I see it. I was pleasantly surprised to find PRC! Highly recommended!

  • I usually go here for my bud, decided to try the carts. I ordered three 1 gram and they gave me half grams instead. I even hit them up. A full week and no reply. Pretty disappointed. Not sure if I'll come back again.

  • Love it

  • Forgot to mention they charged a delivery fee even though it say no fee. Sour diesel the brown sour diesel with no smell is 110 for a half. I got charge 130 for the brown stuff. Don’t get robbed by this place

  • I have been extremely disappointed by your service. I tried to cash in on the deal you guys had, the oz for $135. I also purchased the edible. My total suggested donation amount was $150. Cool, When your driver came I recieved my package. Giving the driver $160. Cool. Only to find that I did not recieve the ounce that I had purchased. I had only recieved a half ounce. I immediately let the driver know that there was a mistake made and the driver assured me that the mistake would be rectified within the hour. After 2 hours of not hearing anything, I was told by the driver that he would drop off the other half ounce in about another 70 minutes. At 7:30 I was told by the driver that he had ended his shift and would like to drop off the other half tomorrow morning. Mind you, I have already paid for the whole ounce. I then called the number on this page and was told that if the driver couldn't come tonight, then someone else would. But I have yet to hear anything else about re

  • Hands down the worst bud I’ve ever got from this site. Honestly I got played. Sold me a bag or Reggie seeds, brown, no smell for top price. Now they won’t respond. DONT WASTE your money. Plenty of vendors with better quality!

  • The quickest response from the friendliest staff imaginable with top shelf to back it up

  • Speedy service and amazing quality!! Don’t sleep on SkyHigh

  • Very friendly, helpful people who are willing to spend a little extra time answering questions.

  • Great prices, good stuff, I'm coming back

  • Good people with knowledge and helpful

  • This Og Kush is just terrible. You can’t do business like this. I paid 180 for some at the very least DECENT quality weed and what I actually get is some poor quality weed that leaves me questioning my high. Only good thing I can get from this transaction is that I know this weed will help me slow down on smoking. I know this because I put the first blunt that rolled out twice. Bad taste and poor high. You could’ve atleast given me something with CBD then atleast I can ease my pain from my disabilities but I can’t even do that and I got my VA Card if you think I’m bullshitting on my disabilities. You guys need to do better cause this can lead down the wrong road had this been sold to the wrong person, just food for thought.

  • First time customer. All I can say is.... GOT DAMN!! I got the grand daddy purple. It's super purple which was awesome. Typically the buds don't look like the picture but this is not the case. Buds look and smell amazing. Two hits off the bubbler and I'm good. Don't yall go anywhere I'll be back!

  • Jj was great thank you

  • The wife and I rolled into town, sent a text, and BOOM30 minutes later the nicest guy showed up with the nicest bud I have ever gotten using WW. I was so impressed that called and got another delivery. Thank you guys!!! 🕺🏻

  • I've ordered from these guys 5 times with no issue. Good quality, at the agreed location within the timeframe and great prices. Congratulations, you have no need to go elsewhere.

  • Great selection. This is definitely the place to go for dabbers. 😁

  • Why go anywhere else. This is my only choice in DC. Great quality, deals, and speedy delivery make this the one place to go to.

  • This is the most professional delivery service I have used. Straight forward- follow their instructions and got my order with no issues. Strongest carts I have ever had. With the gummies, my wife who is a lightweight- uses ONE and is lit for 3-4 hours. Good stuff!

  • Quality Flower!

  • Always high quality and consistent.

  • These guys arent trust worthy they sold me and my friend bad weed and refused to exchange it or give a refund and he just got plain rude with me just for asking for so. Save yourself the headache and just go somewhere else. YOU WERE WARNED!

  • The driver was an hour late and the weed was trash and they wont make it right if you complain about the product. Better of going to a different shop like capital buds

  • If i could give 0 stars I would. Bud was the worst and I grabbed 3 strains that I'm now going to just have to cook with. No smell no taste( in less you like a really nasty grass taste) and over all I'm pissed off like no other. How can you possibly charge 80 an 8th for trash ass bud? And the Blue Dream is definitely not Blue Dream, it should smell so stank that it needs a glass jar. The shit they have doesn't even have a smell to it. Soooooo pissed

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