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Dispensary Reviews

  • Visiting from Georgia expecting to not get my head busted.. but guess what happened bootleg cartridges.. if that was the case I could’ve just bought them in Georgia... would not recommend

  • DO NOT SHOP!!! Unless you like collecting rocks! I found a rock that weighted nearly .50 gram in my Oz bag. WTF are they trying to do?! To meet a 28g they had to find a rock and didn’t think I would find it? That shit is fucked up and the quality is wack.

  • Fast and quality communication. Thanks for your time.

  • Wanted to shop with these guys but they dont deliver to my area ( ne) but hey they may have good reason idk. But cant do nothing but respect it. They look like they got nice buds and cart prices are decent πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ

  • Very low quality flower and way overpriced, most of the reviews must be from rookie smokers who don't know the difference

  • Yo, had an absolutely terrible experience with this company! Had me waiting almost 90 minutes for delivery. When I got home with the 2 half ounces, the product was sub par and I could barely get high from what was billed as having 27% THC content. Now I’ve had purple punch before and it knocked me slam out, this stuff just gave me a mild buzz and a headache. The hybrid I got wasn’t any better! I literally smoked 4 blunts in a row, who does that when it’s quality? Not me. I’m a 2 blunt and good Dude. I will not be going back! Best thing they did is waive delivery fee, after I told them I didn’t feel comfortable paying.

  • Product is great. Service is usually A1. However, today, I had to walk .5 miles from the delivery address to meet my delivery driver--- in 90+ degree weather. Kind of defeats the point of delivery.

    Zellous reviewed High End
  • Picked up 3 strains of flower last night and all where unbelievably dank and stunk up my house as soon as I opened them up. 5 starts all the way around.

  • These guys are great! Good quality weed, also top quality! Delivers anywhere in dc as well if you don’t have transportation! Def my go to guys for the best quality in DC hands down!!

  • I highly recommend Supreme Turpene. The bud is on point, very well priced, and the man is on time! Cannot ask for much more. Definitely will be returning!

  • Great quality and great prices!!!

  • The top shelves are great quality

  • Found rock that weighted nearly .5 gram!!! They cheated by adding rock to meet 28g an Oz! Very disappointed

  • Consistent quality. Good business

  • Outstanding. This is the go to spot for experienced folks. First timers as well so that you don't get taken by poor quality by someother low rate places. These guys have earned respect and are always on time and communicate well. Great job folks.

  • Foul. I found a rock that weighted nearly .5 gram in my Oz bag. The Oz I received was kinda messy with plenty of stems/sticks and I get a piece of rock so you can meet a 28g in a Oz. Really foul on your part, you couldn’t just let me know that it is under 28g and at least offer couple bucks off for the order. You had to find a rock to make it an Oz. Fuck this biz, I will be sure to let my people know to not to use this business again! We all supposed to be happy smoking buds be mad chill with life. You cheated cheap ass fuck.

  • LA Confidential here I comeπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • My best experience with delivery services very quick and the prices and flower quality is great I've only been trying the delivery services a few months but silly bees llc will continue to be my go to, give them a try you won't be disappointed.

  • Ive used a bunch of different delivery services, and to me, the most important quality is turnaround time, and that's why I keep going back to Federal Reserve. I rarely have to wait. They are prompt, communicative, and the price is excellent. 10/10 in my book.

  • I tried a lot of services before this one, and this was the first one that didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. I like the simple product line, the easy payment, the accommodating drivers, and (most importantly) the reliably high quality product. Do not look elsewhere for edibles or carts.

  • Hands down, smoke up, the BEST DC DISPENSARY! EXCELLENT SERVICE, top notch quality products, great communication...I won't use anyone else kinda good!

  • Fancy website, seems reasonable and straight forward.

  • If you like dark colored oils that taste like oranges then these are your guys! I bought the blueberry kush and yoda OG. They taste the same. Decent highs but come on guys, this is commercial crap. Good oils are gold, not copper.

  • My delivery driver was incredibly nice and accommodating. He was on time and made the whole process really easy! Also, the bud slaps.

  • Hands down the best bud I have ever seen with the fastest delivery times.. I will 100% use them everytime from now on. No need to search you found the best in dc

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