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Dispensary Reviews

  • The gelato is where it's at.... Back injury 12 year's ago,one Hit of this purple goddess and the pain was gone..... I love you.

  • Very Friendly and accomodating - awesome experience!

  • Second time ordering from them and I’m just impressed. Thank you guys.

  • Привет всем участникам форума! прикольный у вас сайт! Нашел сериальную базу кино: [b] хороший детектив онлайн бесплатно [/b] [url=][/url] Тут: смотреть фантастику про космос 2018 лучшим рейтингом список 2018 Тут: [url=]список лучших российских комедий 2018 2019[/url] лучшие комедии смотреть онлайн рейтинг 2019 Тут: [url=]мелодрамы смотреть онлайн 2018 в хорошем качестве[/url] мелодрамы 2018 смотреть хорошем качестве рейтинг 2018 Здесь: [b] Джеймс Кэ

  • Trying find a way to take it down now cool dudes that made the next delivery for & it looks extra good definitely working on taking the other one day fosure ASAP

  • Med Quality - some of the best quality I’ve found in DC, the quality reminds me a lot of Colorado dispensaries. Price - pretty average prices for DC but for the quality you’re getting it’s great. Bud Drivers - my driver met me earlier than expected and didn’t seem sketchy at all. Speediness - quicker than I thought it would be, have had to wait over 5 hours for drivers before. I’ll definitely be back keep up the great work!

  • Literally my first time, so stay tuned

  • Good communication, speedy delivery, great product. Will order again. Highly recommend.

  • Good communication, speedy delivery, great product. Will order again. Highly recommend.

  • Save all the stress of other vendors and spend your money here. Very responsive and quality bud especially for price

  • Heavenly. Supreme quality for price. Yes I had to wait a few minutes, but when prices/quality are this good I can be patient. (They gotta make a living somehow) Pickup was smooth with the kindest driver I’ve met. Will definitely be back!

  • Service was easy and quick. Online ordering didn’t seem to work for me through the app, but was easily able to place an order through text. The driver Abdul was fast and easy to deal with! Thanks HLDC!

  • 10/10 customer service. Amazing communication and product is fire. Pictures are on point for nug selection!!

  • Definitely ordering again! Leaving this review because I’m about to order right now!They were professional and he said 60-90 mins and was here in 70 so you couldn’t expect any better!!

  • Great Drivers and Reliable, Absolutely luv the Service and Most Important, Great Flower.. I highly recommend

  • Awesome quality, and taste is great

  • Great Bud excellent tenders

  • Awesome 😋

  • Good and yummy

  • The experience was overall amazing, received my order within 45 min of the first initial text, got a few little freebies with my order, and it was also very very hassle-free. Not to mention the herb I got (Kashmir kush) was also pretty good flower. All I can say is Area 71 will def be my go to place in the future and if anybody else needs a delivery service I highly recommend their services!!!!

  • Good quality stuff. Great cart deals. Easy meetup. My only issue is I didn’t get what I ordered but got substitutes with no notice or warning. I was looking for a lot of variety and didn’t get it. Since I’m not in the area I just have to deal with it. A little disappointing.

  • Terrible by far one of the worst groups I’ve encountered on this site . It took 3- hours for them just to say they couldn’t make the delivery ..

  • Great service, fire product

  • First time using these guys, will definitely go back. Dude ran through the snow for me!

  • First Time user just moved from NC and I’m completely satisfied especially with it being a snow day. Communication was great! I didn’t know the area so driver provided a great location to meet up, Bud quality is On Point!! Just put one in the air! Will be placing more orders in the future!!

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