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Dispensary Reviews

  • Cool company. Serious quality products!!

  • Best stoned experience. Loyal customer, they gave me free pre rolls 10/10

  • Fast delivery great product

  • How would I describe my experience with this transaction?..... fast response, flexible on location & time, extremely patient, knowledgeable, Always has a Wide Variety of Strains, Excelent packaging.... and of by the way, AWESOME DONATION DEALS. In closing I’d like to recommend this service to anyone and everyone in the market of making donations.

  • Worst dispensary ever. Every other comment on here is true: overpriced, substandard bud from jerks, managed by a greedy doctor who doesn't care for the patients. I didn't have a choice but to go here because it's the only store in the city, and after some of the associates there decided to spread rumors and start shit, I tried to talk with them and they preferred to start a shouting match, and file a false police report against me afterwards. I hope you go bankrupt you moral-less bastards.

  • Ordered through these guys because me and my boyfriend were craving some edibles. I want to preface this review with the fact that they were very nice, communicative, on time AND gave us a free edible and preroll to make up for not having something we wanted. Also we used a coupon so all in all should have been a great experience. That being said... I’m pretty sure they don’t know how to make edibles? Or we got a bad batch? I’m not sure... they didn’t taste like your normal edibles. They tasted like somewhere in the baking process they just poured weed oil extract in the mix? They had that almost gasoline like smell/taste instead of bud. So they were advertised as 350mg each which would have been kind of nuts anyway but we ended up eating all of them in one sitting and the only high we felt was from the free preroll. So if you’re looking for something to smoke I’d think this company is great... but I wouldn’t risk spending $ on the edibles agai

  • What I wanted ,when I wanted,for what I wanted to pay . First time good experience n within 15 minutes, just wax was heavily sugared,but still sweetterpy goodness just a bit of a hot mess ,but it was at a good price on wieght, n I'm good(FYI never saw stable FnH extract outside of the bay area)

  • Great quality, quick communication and super friendly/knowledgeable driver.

  • These guys are awesome! Super fast response and unbeatable deals!

  • Great price for old bud, stems and seeds. Old hippies wont mind being cheated.

  • Great product great price will definitely be back

  • I am stuck here after evacuating from Florence! Have never used a service or obtained legal bid before. These guys have AMAZING customer service. Communication with them prior to & after pre-ordering was top notch! Met the driver at my meet address exactly on time from the estimated given. Driver was SUPER nice! And the Sunset Sherbet is by far the best quality flower that I have had in YEARS! So PLEASE look no further than these guys! And IMO it felt like I stole the flowers for the price!!! Thank you Fat Stash for melting the stress over Florence melt away!!!

  • Great quality on the mendo breathe. First time trying them will def hit them up again. 20$ delivery fee is bs tho, i'll just pick up again i guess.

  • I had an amazing experience with them.The 160 deal is a steal!

  • Best service in town!!

  • This company is fantastic!! I even missed their call while walking my dog and they graciously waited for me to get back to complete my order. The driver was super quick, polite and very professional. The product is top notch as well! Really love the Candyjack and Cherry Pie strains, both indoor quality. Definitely will be using Rollin' Stoners again!!!

  • Very conscientious and EVERY employee treats you like family.

  • I’ve tried a half dozen services, and this easily the best experience so far. Super prompt, like down to the minute. Courteous and friendly, and a super deal on some great med. Definitely my new go-to.

  • One of the best quality products and amazing customer service. Highly recommend. Great prices and deals too.

  • Had a long wait. Delivery time was 820pm the driver didnt get there till 920. So i was a sitting duck for awhile. But the product was worth it. Very good product for very cheap. Will definitely be donating again!

  • Perfect these guys are so helpful and professional was a pleasure dealing with them , I ordered a few weeks ago for today and they let me know they could be here early which was amazing!!!! Thank you guys for being amazing and will definitely order again when In dc !

  • Bama ask me to do a pick up.. i say cool but u just sold out of everything.. all u have is pineapple express.. then he claims he has gelato.. i get there and he saids he sold out all he has is pine.. i really liked yall but yall blew with that bullshit slim. That was a petty az move

  • I picked up an oz. On Saturday dude was really friendly and quick product was on point and hit well after my experience I will not be using any other company except for the bloomerz

  • Distillette is fiiiirrrrrreeeeee! I only use the club!

  • How else can I say this...bought a 1/2. Received a 1/4...will never use them again. Shame. Reporting to BBB and DCRA tomorrow

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