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Dispensary Reviews

  • Loved these guys. Till i got home a hit scales. Truly disappointed in my 17 gram ounce. What the fuk.

  • I got great service, they were very friendly and delivery was super fast!

  • Aye contact me IKnow where yall phone is at

  • I. AM. ROASTED OK?! Great service and pleasant driver. Top top it off wonderful deals! Lawd I am going to eat everything in the fridge. *sigh*

  • One of the best in DC! Great options, timely service, and even found a tech glitch that delivered my request after the time they were closed and reached out to complete the request. That's dedication to a craft!

  • AWESOME product and service! They were super kind over the phone, extremely professional, and even drove out in the snow to make the delivery! Their prerolls are amazing, and I can't wait to try the rest of their product !!

  • Literally a painless process. They came way within the drop off time, super friendly on the phone and in person, and the people who I talked to just seemed to like where they were working overall. Defintely recommend and will order again!

  • How the fuck do u order from this bullshit

  • Everyone here is super nice and helpful!!

  • Took advantage of the 160$ oz. blue dream deal, still expecting to get quality buds. Got 10 grams of shake with a zillion little skinny stems can’t roll anything with it. The nugs that i did get are smushed and flat. Smokes alright but the weight of the shake is a big killer for me.

  • Great deals

  • These guys are awesome and super friendly. I make sure to place an order every time I come to town. I recommended two other people to give the service a try and both loved it. Thanks CB!

  • I used to order pretty consistently, but now you require ID to be texted even for existing customers. I can't do that, but miss you guys.

  • Great place, staff is friendly

  • Best quality flower I’ve received after trying out around a dozen dispensaries on this website. Bud was fresh and very high quality. Quick response and delivery.

  • Placed a recent order and Allie reached out to let me know that they were delayed/waiting on a driver. Even though the order was late, she gave me a free 1/8 and 3 prerolls to make up for the inconvenience. Cannabear by far has been the most consistent delivery service I’ve used.

  • This company is legit. They are always flexible, courteous, on-time, constant freebies. This is not the common delivery service. Definite step above on all fronts.

  • Amazing products always on time what esle do you need

  • Hit these guys up last minute and they replied quickly with answers to all of my questions. Their brass knuckles cartridges are legit and a great price unlike many of the knock offs out there. Super friendly service, solid quality medicine and I would definitely suggest trying their edibles & candy.

  • Great service, fast and responsive to questions.

  • I've ordered from here, as my previous favorite wasn't available, and I haven't looked back since. Fast communication, quality product, and great pricing. What's not to love? Herb is definitely seeing more of my business than others!!

  • Quick and easy to understand they have rewards cards I'm about to get a free prerolled I got a gram extra on my first order so far I am satisfied it's hard to find the kind bud I'm use to out here in Lompoc

  • I had to call them three times with questions for my first order, and each we spoke he was polite and accommodating. I got a great deal on Brass Knuckles cartridges and some really nice flower. Great prices, great service - thank you!

  • i'm celebrating my year or so anniversary of exchanging gifts with my friends at capital buds. i've been favorably impressed with the people and the thc. diverse inventory, and they appear to be improving each time we get together. couriers are top flight.

  • Awesome flower, price is comparable in the market, however there is no risk here of getting squeezed for 120 of some huff. It was 260 for the mix and match premium oz and I’d say definitely worth it to pay the extra $40 for insured great quality and flavors. And within the delivery window as well. Excellence guys

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