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Dispensary Reviews

  • I'm going going, back back, to Capital Capital

  • I keep coming back to CB for a reason. Loving my newest gifts so much I felt compelled to leave a review. The Gelato, GSC, and gurilla glue carts are awesome! Sometimes CB drops the ball on an order, but they more than make up for it with customer service and high quality products. I’ve had a few different delivery people too and all are chill. Thanks, CB.

  • Very professional and quick. No need for me to look anywhere else right now. They're also very informative on the products and how they can help you with certain ailments and things.

  • What can I say they are the bomb and there flowers are fresh and tasty and the prices are unbelievable

  • Hands down best vendor around quality bud quality prices great people

  • Excellent customer service. Guy who answered the phone was courteous & professional. Driver was very friendly.

  • Very nice

  • Nothing but great service! Drivers on time. Very polite. Definitely using elevator dc from now on!

  • This is my second experience with this company. Can't express how impressed I am. The quality of their products, the speediness of delivery accompanied by polite knowledgeable people especially Sean and Jali. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thanks Cannabis on Fire you guys are awesome!

  • Took like. 45 mins to get to me but the 160 oz of the day was not good at all i was so disappointed i knew it was too go to be true

  • Awful service. Terrible prices and delivery fees. Made an order well before they closed, driver made us wait way too long and left after less than ten minutes when we were trying to find him. Tried texting and calling but wouldn't answer just straight up left without waiting for us to meet. Texted the main number asking if there was somewhere else or anything else they can do but all they had to say was "sorry, we're closed" even when I made the order well before they were closed. Overcharge for average weed with a ridiculous delivery charge even when you meet them on their route and when they advertise "free delivery for orders over 100". Horrible place.. would not recommend.

  • Came here to update my already high rated review. Their top shelf is great and I highly recommend spending a little more for it. I fully support them and will always make them my go to. Very professional and speedy.

  • Guys were amazing at meeting on time, hassle free and great product. And can’t go wrong with a free pre roll. Was a great experience, my first and only place to go

  • Great bud! Knowledgable and fast delivery!! Gonna definitely order from them again!!

  • Respect ✊

  • My buddy says he loves this site so I tried it out, Prices seemed too good to be true (Paid 120$ for an ounce of AAAA and 1g of shatter and opted for the 20$ Rush delivery fee). They claim they offer a 1hour delivery service if you pay the 20$ but 48 hours later I have still not received my order. Customer service reps on their site repeatedly tell me things like "Oh the driver is on his way to you right now" and then 6-8 hours later get a response like "Oh they will be there any minute now" and that was 24 hours ago. Still waiting for my order that they had no delays in taking the money for..

  • Good ass juice

  • I'm very satisfied with DC Exotic. I've used this business twice and so far they are the best quality of any delivery service in DC and I have tried 10 (ten) delivery services in the DC area. DC Exotic has very fresh flowers. They label their flowers correctly, some places don't. They have a wide variety of flowers. Keep up the great work, DC Exotic!

  • The prices are awesome and selection is great. The staff is patient and helpful they always take the time to help me find exactly the right products not just push what's expensive or trendy to sell. They really seem to know their customers and care about their needs!

  • My first time ordering and there was a little mix up. Called and these guys straight up went above and beyond to make it right. Will definitely be using this company again. Thanks for working things out.

  • Out of business, permanently.

  • These guys are the absolute truth. About to order seconds! That blue dream deal right now is phenomenal. The t shirts are ill, and the service is fruendly as can be. Keep it up my guys

  • Blessings to you all thank you for your assistance

  • Great experience! Visiting from out of state and it was Easy to order online and fast delivery! Very friendly delivery man too! Highly recommend!

  • Honest weed connoisseur review: Chemdawg is my most favorite strain! It's known for its bright orange Sativa hairs covered in large glowing sticky trichomes billowing out of fully-round, bright green buds and wide Indica stature. I can usually pick it out of a crowd by smell, look, and taste. The only reason I ordered from CannaBear is that they had it in stock. Prices aren't the best but are still doable. What arrived, however, was dry, wilted and colorless. The stems were large. The potency was sad. 2 bowls later and I felt no different. Note: I am a medical marijuana patient with a plethora of needs. I chose the strains I do for specific purposes. Chemdawg specifically helps reduce my pain and anxiety along with a good amount of my PTSD. It's the one strain that can promise me a smile each and every time I smoke it. However, what arrived was not up to par. I ordered a few different strains but have yet to try them, as my hopes have been crushed. But they, at least appear to hav

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