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Dispensary Reviews

  • Best Art ever and the flower was amazing delivery on time thank you guys so much!

  • I am an mmj patient in AZ and have a Doctors Recommendation from AZ and CA. 4 years now. My experience on the east coast has been a nightmare!!! I was paying half price and free delivery like 50 miles away.... That was 6 months ago , this is now. The Donation was a bit steep however the fact that everything was as described. No loose carts dumped in a baggie. I’m donating for a great cause! The HH 2200 mg is in the box! And amazing! Just don’t drop it man it’s longer than my battery! Lol And the organics has Cali quality , OG quality. For a truly amazing experience, Capital Buds is my # 1 choice after trying out 3 others. I know and have been registered legal medical since 2014. And introduced to these donations since 1977. From NYC and know what the “real deal” feels and inspires my heart about nurturing caring individuals living and suffering with pain, anxiety, depression, cancer, inflammation! And many 100s if reason why it is now Americans

  • Sunday Night 2 Am Hail Mary, they came through and more. Thx

  • Customer service was unreal. Art Supply showed me so much love. I bought the Cat Nip print and got the Superglue. I was superglued to the couch! Good stuff.

  • Great experience! Felt very safe..knowledgeable and professional.. Will call back!!!!

  • Great customer service and along with your weed delivery you get a free edible, lighter, papers, and pre rolled joint. And amazing weed.

  • I wouldn’t suggest these people if your new I ordered and was told I would be called back but it was a lot of games being plaid and they never came but Jetpackdc and herbal life are very sutuble I just choose these people because it’s Father’s Day and every things closed 😞😞but never again will I order from here hope you guys continue to enjoy your bud πŸ’•

  • Very good experience, ordered after they closed and got a text in the morning verifying order, and plenty of communication with delivery guy. Happy with the product and an overall great experience!

  • Have used these guys a few times and every experience has been good. Great selection. Shout out to Sammy.

  • I am truly impressed with their varieties of high grade strains. REALLY POTENT! 24/7 service is amazing. very friendly and discreet . Two thumbs up!!πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Just what I needed! I was in a need for an eighth on a late Saturday night and they were OPEN! They were very professional and communicative. I was very impressed with White Fire OG. The cookies were YUMMY. THANK YOU!

  • πŸ›‹πŸšͺπŸ“¦πŸŽπŸŒ³πŸŒžπŸŒœπŸŒ›πŸŒ I highly highly recommend upping the next medication with these amazing folks. Very friendly staff, prompt delivery, and a wonderful product. Well worth the donation looking forward to the next time πŸš‚

  • The help was great and knowledgeable on products I purchase the PAPA cream and oil for pain. I Live in San Antonio Texas, I have my own business as a consultant Berrios Innovations LLC, I am a Veteran, Hispanic, small business, Tell the owner to email me, if interested to expend and be my Mentor. When Texas open up there doors. [email protected]

  • WOW!! The deals are awesome and the bud tenders fine!!!!!

  • One of my favorite things is being on time, needless to say I was late they worked with me so surprised the service was as good and the candy outstanding you guyy have won me over for now I appreciate the Bud's not a bunch of shake thanks again

  • I wouldn’t use this service. They seem like a criminal organization to me. Very difficult to deal with and not polite.

  • Awesome experience. Great prices and product. Definitely will use these guys again.

  • Great service and value for money. Excellent quality as well.

  • First time customer from Cap. Danks. Communication was very responsive and excellent through out the entire experience. Order 4 different flavors with help of the Operator accurate knowledge. Operator was very helpful and patient with my inquiries. Almost all options available to offer contributions (CC,paypal,COD). Delivery offered as quickly as 10 minutes when i txt. I asked for 20 minutes, CDD was on time. Very low key driver, friendly and informative. Package on delivery is discrete and individual containers are well sealed and labeled. So far first flavor is good quality. My first experience with CDD has matched my best expectations, will be back.

  • Amazing quality and their prices are not too high. The driver was very friendly and delivered my stuff 2 blocks from Trumps house.

  • Smooth and professional experience. Satisfied with my product will advise others of my experience. - Jones

  • Happy to know about this place

  • Just had my first experience with these guys. It was awesome. Very quick to respond and answer questions. Delivery was smooth and driver was super friendly. Online ordering is great and the menu seems to be constantly updated. These guys are my new go-to!

  • These guys are awesome, some of the best deals you'll find in DC. My driver was a little late with the delivery, but he was more than happy to take off the delivery fee so I didn't mind at all! Would highly recommend

  • $130 for a barewood??? One pre-rolled blunt??? Found these for $25-30 a piece when I was in California. Ridiculous pricing upcharging 500%

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