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Dispensary Reviews

  • BEWARE!!!!! Really shady people to deal with. Limited flower options, and all carts they sell are fake, that's why they're half the price of everyone else...check for yourself.


  • Tried a few delivery services in the area and I believe HYFE has the best customer service out of all of them. Thx for everything guys💕

  • Terrible quality of weed. Smelt good, looked good however the quality was horrific. picked up half an o and smoked it in a day and didn't catch a single buzz. Let me mention that 7g usually lasts me 7 days. This half o I picked up literally lasted me less than 48 hours because it was so shit.

  • The Mac, Hot Cakes, and Sundae Driver are officially my favorite flowers. Just leaving this here if anyone is looking for some rec's😈

  • The live badder is INSAAAAAAANE, 1 dab and you're ripped!!! One of the best tasting concentrates I've ever had! Need to try all of them ASAP!👍🏻

  • Great buying experience as always! The strawberry amnesia is now my go to. Straight fire!

  • I got completely underserved. I ordered an ounce but when I scaled what I got it was 17 grams, so they skimped me 11 grams. I tried to sort things out with the driver and he came back with 9 of the 11 missing gs. The weed is pretty mid. Don't buy from here or trust their good reviews.

  • Their flower quality has gotten far worse. Found multiple seeds and it’s very dark, almost brown looking. I asked for their best quality strain, so I wonder what the rest look like. Huge letdown, will be shopping elsewhere now.

  • I deleted all my favorites on WW just so I could re-add them with Purple Penthouse at the top. Everytime I go it’s like reaching into a picture in an issue of High Times. What?! No fake reviews, I review every service I try. Mango sherbert is tha bombee! Yours truly, LrdDthofMrdrMtn

  • I placed an order at 8:52 pm. My order was accepted at 9:07 pm with expected delivery 10-11pm. I sent 3-4 messages w/o a response and then saw my order was cancelled at 9:30 because they close at 9 and yet the site they closed at 10pm. Update your site with the correct business hours and respond to your customers. I guess they didn’t want to honor their own deal in the site. Smh

  • I was a first time customer with Hi-life DC and had a terrible experience. Waited for an hour and a half at the pickup location only to have to call them at 8:30pm, the end of the delivery window, to ask if the driver was on their way. This was after the person told me on the phone they would text me the ETA which didn’t happen. The driver called me ten minutes later to ask me to drive 15 minutes away and then waited another 25 minutes for him to find me. Then I get home and they gave me sativas in place of the hybrid carts I asked for. What was supposed to make my night great made my night terrible. I was hoping to get a couple of “sorry” pre-rolls at the bottom of the bag but I. Paid $260 to wait for 3 hours for the wrong carts. Order from somewhere else.

  • I love y’all! Their flowers are by far the best ones! I really enjoyed myself also did my friends! We’ll definitely be buying some more tomorrow as well!!

  • Service was pro fresh flowers fast delivery Thanks guys l

  • Terrible vendor. Tonight they took my order, requested that I send ID and selfie, and told me that they were a little busy and delivery times were running 60-90 minutes. After waiting for over 2 hours, the guy never showed up. He claimed he couldn’t find my address. Save yourself the hassle and don’t order from these people. There are many other much better weed businesses in the city.

  • Worst experience ever. Should’ve stuck with the garden cause I’ve never once experience customer service so horribly. I called while in route coming from Richmond, VA to ensure that I could pick up at their location because my hotel was an hour away. The lady responded and said yes and sent me the link. After placing my pre order and sending in all information. Once arriving to the address on the site it was a pnc bank. The lady then tells me after driving 1 hour and 37 min to their location that it was no such thing as a location their. The driver still delivers to that address which i appreciate. But then my order was incorrect. I purchase cookies (edibles) , 2 pre rolls and a half ounce. You would think after spending $160 with them they would be more courteous. My bag had cookies ( a cart) I then had to drive 15 min to another location to wait another 35 min while being late to my hotel and being charged their as well. The manager told me that she would throw extra good

  • Shopped here off the strength of my bro. Was skeptical about the Cookies strains being legit but I took the gamble. In the end I’m a satisfied customer. The Gary Payton don’t tingle my nose or taste as good as the Cereal Milk but the high is stronger. Driver forgot the free preroll but you still get a W

  • If your time is not important to you than this is the company for you. Tried them out again after experiencing similar issues in the past and things did not go great again. Quality is great but the delivery service is still lacking.

  • Hello, I have order some buds from these guys and the bud was shitty. It was suppose to be top self not CBD. I guess this what I get from not being patient and not order from regular people. Lesson learned.I usually recommend people when I get good service. NO STARS BECAUSE I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THE BUD.

  • if you are scrolling through these reviews and stumbled across mine... Take this review as serious as ANY on this page . Friday May 29 i ordered the best strand they said they had ( Top Shelf Wedding Cake ) not only was my driver late, they gave me CPD or (Weid) idk wtf this is but LOOK ELSE WERE. You WILL BE SCAMMED IF U ORDER From this Vendor THEY BLOCKED MY NUMBER . DONT SAY YOU HAVE NOT BE WARNED, worst in DC

  • I posted a review earlier and I would like to say that it was rectified I did meet shortly after I posted the no show driver was nice and took care of me thanks in the end . Flower is good nothing bad to say

  • These guys are awesome! Great products fast delivery

  • They were professional and courteous! The first time I tried ordering I hit them up after they were closed. They still texted me back immediately, apologized for the inconvenience and promised to get to me early the next morning. A free gift as a first time customer made this the right choice. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

  • Tried a lot of different places and my 2nd time using these guys. Top quality buds with top quality service.

  • Loyal customer earned 💯 Well organized company Quality products Timely What more do I want

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