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Dispensary Reviews

  • They guys rock! On time, extra gift and on fly change. what more can you ask for? Comms clear consistent and well done.

  • One of the best quaity of anyone is trustworthiness. I like my concentrates and live some distance so when I come i justify my expenses. Because of this I had a couple of orders open, and acciendtly over paid driver roughly 2x or so. This was immediately acknowledged and rectified. Driver refused tip for honesty. Trust is key, and you can trust dc exotic

  • SAMIE was a great help.

  • Good evening great staff good stuff

  • For those who have never used WDC, let me say anyone should leary on experience. Staff was responsive, knoweledgable, and was clear in communications. I like darts and concentrates, and no one has these guys beat to date (I plan to make a list of trusted few and WDC is on it)

  • Don’t even bother with this place. Again, you guys are being dishonest, this isn’t a tad dry like you say, this is old and like a previous review stated “Mexican brick weed”. And what does my address have anything to do with it? It’s in DC, no? I paid for delivery, no? And if you know I am traveling by train why would you ask me to go out of my way to meet with you, I already paid you for delivery! And to clarify to the people who are reading this, I purchased 2 ounces not a little $85 deal, now imagine how they will treat you if you’re unhappy with your purchase. I should have listened to the previous bad reviews, they were not lying as this business likes to say.

  • LIARS - Don’t buy from here, read the other low rating reviews! They replied to my previous review stating that they do not stamp their bags, please check the links below and see the date stamped on their bags. Are these not the bags that you guys use? Is that not a date stamp on the top? Does that not say February 30, 2017? Or did your driver give me something that he shouldn’t have? And regardless of any of it the product is extremely poor quality and you are not willing to make it right and you’re responses show that you guys aren’t about GOOD business.

  • This was the fastest service I've ever had in DC, and also a really good price. The company and driver was super responsive, I think within 40 minutes they arrived. I don't think I figured out how to claim the pick 3 special correctly, but there was a gift and everything included, and just how fast the service was, deserves 10/10. will definitely be ordering here from now on.

  • Haven't had a chance to use them yet but just wanted to say that i find it weird that they don't have any gifts for less than a $100 donation. they also don't have any options under 750mg. what if someone can't handle that much??

  • DONT DO BUSINESS HERE This is a very dishonest business, they sold me what was supposed to be “fire” but it’s SHAKE that is over a year and a half old, I have proof with date stamped on bag. It’s also so DRY that it crumbles by touching it. I asked for an exchange and they are only willing to exchange 1 but I have to come to them in order to do so. I paid for my delivery and it was crap. This is horrible customer service and I don't recommend this place to anyone. Stay away! And you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, this is actual medicine to some people and you’re just in it for money, this is a community and I hope people realize that you aren’t trustworthy. Change your ways, you’re ruining the buying experience in DC.

  • These folks are the best hands down I've tried a couple of these dispensary's and they are ok some even cheaper but the quality and timing is amazing thanks I'm sticking with the People's Choice 👍

  • The best place in town. My experience has been great with excellent customer service..

  • All American bud quality is some shit. I will never ever go back to there location in D.C and I never oder the delivery service. If anybody have time to read this please do yourself a favor and stick to your street ni##@ or just go to a pop up event because all American buds tree is some low quality weed . Sorry but, not sorry. Step your 🤬 game up Asap because you are NOT going to survive in this game

  • Disappointed in the quality.

  • Disappointed in the quality.

  • These Guy are top of the game! They will do anything to help you when you are in need!. 10/10 would totally donate again!

  • I like working with Michael Z.

  • You know that let down, bait and switch feeling? I was short on moonrocks over a gram and the meds are the worst I have seen in years. Don't waste your time. Better options out there.

  • Sammy is awesome! Very knowledgeable and always on time will continue to order from Jetpack nothing but awesome experiences!

  • The DC Exotic Club recreational delivery service gets TWO THUMBS UP! After setting up a simple online account this morning - which is required for first-time customers - I indicated via their web site that I wished to make a donation to the organization / purchase a novelty item. As the free gifts I'd be receiving I requested 1/2 oz. of Super Glu and 1/2 oz. of Thin Mint. I hit the 'submit order' button, and a gentleman from DC Exotic called me on my cellphone a minute later to say that they were out of Thin Mint... but he helpfully suggested that 'The White' was precisely the sort of potent, balanced indica-sativa hybrid I was interested in. He gave me two-hour hour time window to await delivery, which was also detailed with the particulars of my order on the transaction dashboard on their site. The driver called a short time later to say he'd be here in 1/2 hour. He was a terrific guy - it all felt completely safe, comfortable and upbeat - and everything worked out as advertised.

  • Anyone know if this business has shutdown? They updated their deals but hours of operation still says closed everyday??

  • Great deal on cartridges but they are super weak, have tried with two different batteries and there’s good vapor production and flavor but very little effect. Just get barely a buzz even after tokin on it over and over.

  • These guys are straight up my pharmacy. Great meds, nice prices and mad variety. By far the best so far imo. Sour og was awesome btw, and it's never no shorting on grams.

  • Please cancel if no free delivery.

  • If the donation amount is the Green number, your prices are outrageous! I was just gifted 32G for a $300 donation.

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