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Dispensary Reviews

  • The Blue Cheese Strain is one of my favorite strains from here. They always on point. They are quick to respond. A fast,quality, and efficent service. Im always happy and satisfied with the service.

  • I've had all good experiences here very professional.

  • Habibi is the best driver that you guys have he's always on time he's polite and that's my guy

    Robert C. reviewed Cloud9

  • Reefer Express will always be my First choice, they always have reasonable prices and great quality. Their driver are friendly and professional.

  • I came from Atlanta to visit my daughter and son-in-law who lives in DC and used this service. The bud was very good and the delivery driver was on point, It was an A+ transaction

  • My first experience wasn't the best these guys website menu is so inconvenient and wrong the delivery time is very long and they only have CBD flowers don't get confused from the pics on their website its all false

  • I'll tell you I am 100% satisfied with the product, the service nd even the driver was excellent. I am sold on DCXPRSS and they will be my go to guys from now on.

  • I've used them 3 times now and it has been great. Excellent prices especially on carts. Awesome communication. Always on time. Quickly becoming my go to gifting service.

    kida4q reviewed FlyDC
  • This is my second time shopping with them. I had the Billy Kimber first and really wasn’t impressed by them, but know i know it was just the flower I chose. Based on there flawless reviews I gave them a second try and I’m glad I did. Prices are unbeatable without a doubt and know your flower because there selection is second to none. At such good prices your getting quality flower definitely. I had the Runtz ...Horchata... and Biscotti and I promise they have a forever customer. Easy delivery unbeatable prices and quality products one of 3 delivery services I deal with....

  • I’m addicted to my boys here. I swear feels like I know them on a personal level...” seriously “ anyway I came back a 3rd time on accident but I had to try that Gary Payton and so far they haven’t missed with the Berry Pie, and Gelato 41, but just when I thought that was gas.... man i can barley burn a whole swisha without having to put it out to build my tolerance back up 😂. There are only 3 services I donate to and this is one of them real Cookies real Exotics. Me and the driver be tripping off of each other everytime I come up 😂 definitely good people all around. Shop comfortable and know your getting your money worth.

  • They were cool order came within thirty minutes bud was fresh and good quality

  • For the life of me I can’t figure out how my peoples here Don’t have a higher rating. I Met my dispatcher yesterday on time and with everything I asked for. I swear the flower here smokes different from most places in DC. I say most because it’s two other places who flowers is just as good but I shop between 3 for different options but this place smells like South LA...I got my gushers that’s tasted just like a pack of candy 🍭 and had me lifted...The Marathon OG is straight gas ⛽️ , best OG I have tried full stone full body high. I’ll definitely be back on everything. O yeah and those Jungle Boy packs get you one exclusive south LA flower.

  • very professional and timely:)

  • When you walk in you are met with a wonderful fragrance. The staff are the best caring and knowing. The products offered are top notch at better than fair pricing. The owner actually CARES for his customers and does whatever he can to make his dispensary the best of the best for them.

  • I try to get a hold of them every week. Each week it’s something new. They don’t have a bud they are advertising, they can do it but it won’t be until later in the day, accepts order then doesn’t call or text to confirm, or they just don’t answer. Quality gas but SO unreliable.

  • I asked for a QP but it came to me 12g short

  • Extremely legit. Pretty Good weed, Great service, Great prices! Definitely will be a returning customer! Thank you!

  • Trash weed

  • Great service. Quick Delivery. Will order again.

    Kegljl1 reviewed JackPot!
  • They've been here-London for long . I used to come to their store , it was nice memory . Anyway , the delivery service now not too bad , good choice and good service as well .

  • I made an order two hours before, got some great gas for a great deal and two pre rolls, everything went smoothly and the afghan kush is wonderful.

  • I will be coming to y’all for my gas and thc Syrups best one I been to flower smells lovely and I’m high as fuck definitely recommend the Obama🔥🔥

  • Wow, Just had my first experience with DC Aroma and YO! I’m speechless forreal. I have my couple of favorites, but you guys blew me away forreal! I’m going to be honest. I’ve never seen flowers so beautiful ever in my life. I wish I could post a picture. The color and smell was birthday cake and I’m feeling mad perfect! The delivery and customer service was completely on time and professional. Definitely coming back. 🔥🔥🔥 Gas!!! Thanks DC Aroma!

    DC Aroma
  • Runtz and taste bud DC carts premium. Outstanding all around

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