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    BLAZING fast delivery times, usually under an hour. No complaints here!

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    Edmonton 420 Club is awesome. Been using their service for a few years now since legalization and delivery is always fresh and fast!

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    This is 420 club Edmonton customer service. Here are his words.
    There is 21 grams in the bag. Look at the quantity before complaining.
    I didn’t not short you. I may have wrote 7, but I did not short you.
    Maybe if you stayed loyal and didn’t disappear for over a year I would take your word. (I guess customers are dishonest if they like to shop other places)
    This ain’t my first rodeo.
    Don't even try.
    I ordered 14 of v kush and 7 of monster cookies. 14 is written on bag of kush but 7 was inside. R u being serious? Im blown away. A customer has to continue buying from you in order to be considered honest? I want this resolved. Is that possible? (Do you feel that your site can't be removed? Your behavior is odd. How would you even know how many scales randy has? Your acting irrational. Its up to you. Im prepared to take action and I've never ever in my entire life have let anyone take advantage of me. Now if you may have been ripped off before im sorry about that. I see you are jaded. But the decision you make now will affect your future. Think about hard and fast because I don't fuck around. (My response)

    He hasn't responded. If he doesn't the police will be contacted and all customers identification will be released to them.

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