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    Best place Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White Widow
    to all of you people that think the place in front of this is better. YOU ARE FLIPPING CRAZY !!!!!!!!! I started out up front and got so sick of there crapping bud and changing owner ship every other week , I decided to try KDC and have been there ever sence . I am a true pain patient and I can't eat or talk with out being in pain do to bone desease so I have a high tolerence and there White Widow is amzing for the day and Phantom OG is the best for the night. No matter what Quality you are looking for they have it . The owners are amazing and genuine. They truly care about there patients and hold BBQ's every saturday to give back to the community. when I go in I always end up spending about 30-45 minutes just talking to Bob. This place is always clean and I feel SAFE . Thanks KDC for being there for me

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