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First Time Patients

First Timer!! WE LOVE YOU!! We wouldn\'t be here if it wasn\'t for you!! How bout\' a Hungry Hungry Hippie Cookie on US!!


All our products are 100% Organic GF and Vegan. We use our CannaCoconutOil $ CannaVeganButter We currently have Afternoon Delight Marion-berry CheezCake ( Raw no bake ) super good "a little dab will do ya"- actual patient 8$ donation per...


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    A++...+ Great customer & delivery service..fast
    Great product..go dj

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    shit taste good! thanks man!
    Best text this week!! Thanks D for your support!! Your family over at nofingerprints420

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    Great - service and great smoke. Thanks :)
    The guys delivered in a timely manor and very professional. I recommend them 100%

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