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**We have a passion for Cannabis and Care!** Welcome to Sky Dispensaries - Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Mesa! We strive to provide the highest quality medical marijuana and deliver the best value in the state of Arizona. Try us out, and see the...


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    I have gone to this place 3 times now and I will say they are always the same. Their prices are WAY OVER PRICED, the product { in the tiny Sky containers} is ALWAYS DRY. so dry that you barley touch it and its powder[it will almost light itself its so dry] and the service is about the same quality as the bud here. They have some great specials BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS OUT WHEN YOU GET THERE. Its happened to me twice now. BAIT AND SWITCH SPECIALS. TERRIABLE!!!!. STAY AWAY !!!!

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    great flower and the staff is always great

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    great meds great staff really good specials

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