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Medical marijuana qualifying conditions could be expanded in new process

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 4 2018

Pennsylvania's medical marijuana industry will be gaining a few new features as the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board approved a process allowing ailments to be added to the state's list of qualifying conditions. Physicians will be able to request that conditions are added, changed, or reduced by applying on the state's website, For a condition to be considered documentation proving cannabis' ability to help treat the condition must be submitted alongside the application and the benefits must outweigh the risks. If the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board approves the application then it will go to the Secretary of Health for final approval. 

Those who apply will need to provide references in support of the opinion and documentation that proves marijuana can help treat the condition and that any benefits outweigh the risks.

Applications will be reviewed by the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, and if approved, they will go to the secretary of health for consideration.

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