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Florida's largest medical cannabis producer seeing 'huge transition' from opioids to marijuana treatment: CEO

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 7 2018

Florida's medical marijuana program may have taken it's time to get up and running but now it's largest medical marijuana company alone is treating over 80,000 patients. Trulieve, who was also the state's first medical marijuana company treats patients will a plethora of different conditions, a large portion of those are for PTSD, possibly due to the state's high veteran population. There have been several studies that have noted the significant reduction in opioid prescriptions and abuse in states with legal medical marijuana programs and Trulieve has also seen these results firsthand. They're also greatly in support of current legislation making it's way through the state that would allow medical cannabis to be a viable alternative to prescription opioids. 

With over 80,000 patients and 17 retail locations in Florida, Trulieve offers 90 cannabis-based products that help treat a range of health problems, including seizure conditions, cancer and AIDS. A bulk of Trulieve's patients also suffer from PTSD, given Florida's large veteran population, Rivers said.

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