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New group hopes to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota

Legalization Posted Jan 7 2019

Advocates for cannabis legalization in Minniapolis, Minnesota have gathered with many representatives around the community to form the group Responsible Marijuana Regulation. Minnesota legalized medical marijuana back in 2014 and now advocates believe the state and it's residents are ready for recreational cannabis which around 62% of Americans support. Responsible Marijuana Regulation is a non-partisan group working with legislators to hopefully bring legislation into the conversation next month. The group will be promoting fact-based education to move passed misunderstandings and false information surrounding cannabis. The website is already available and will be used to help educate those looking to learn.

The group also will host educational events around the state. “A lot of the early work that we’re going to have to do is fact-based” and will address misinformation about marijuana’s risks, Fatehi said.

A website,, will be part of outreach efforts

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