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Number of Floridians using medical marijuana continues to grow

News Posted Jan 3 2019

Florida's medical marijuana program has received some criticisms and even some lawsuits, but that's not stopping it from being successful. Many patients are being helped for various conditions and that number seems to continue to grow at a steady pace. Over 136,000 patients around Florida are now medical marijuana patients and now over 1,070 physicians are registered to certify residents for the program. From the data gathered by the state on patients it looks as though PTSD is the widest spread condition of medical marijuana patients at 24%, or 41,143 patients. The average dose data varies widely between different areas with varying amounts of patients. Patients suffering from one of the many qualifying conditions are able to be certified by a doctor and then register with the state to receive medical marijuana. Conditions include: cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease and glaucoma.

In all, those patients received 174,254 certifications — some could have received multiple certifications — for a host of medical conditions that qualify them to use marijuana. That included 41,143 certifications, or nearly 24 percent of the overall total, for post-traumatic stress disorder


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