Our Favorite CBD Skincare Products 2022

Our Favorite CBD Skincare Products 2022

Published on 11/20/22

While you surely already know about many benefits of using CBD for your mental and physical health, not all brands make reputable products you can feel comfortable using on your body and face. From CBD facial lotion to CBD lubricant, we've got you covered in this guide to all the best CBD skincare on the market today.

A CBD topical is a lotion or serum you apply directly to the skin to achieve pain, tension, and inflammation relief, amongst other skincare benefits. CBD skincare brands create CBD topicals by extracting the cannabinoid via either full-spectrum CBD oil, which often includes more cannabinoids like THC and CBG, broad-spectrum CBD oil, which is double-filtered for purely (or as close to it as we can come) CBD, or isolate, which is 99% or more pure CBD crystals. This extract is added to the propriety skincare formulation of lotion, lubricant, serum, or any other spread. It is then blended together to offer anti-inflammatory benefits. This works because CBD penetrates the skin on a fairly superficial level, activating the cannabinoid receptors in the spot it's applied without penetrating deep into the dermis and bloodstream.

CBD skincare products treat a wide variety of afflictions beyond pain and soreness. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties are incredibly beneficial for conditions like acne, and its calming properties soothe skin plagued by eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Finally, the antioxidant-rich CBD can help slow the progression of aging signs like wrinkles and spots.

Read on to learn about some of our favorite CBD skincare products from brands you can trust to give you the good stuff.

High Cool Cat

High Cool Cat offers a wide variety of products - from smoking accessories like grinders and rolling trays to CBD skincare products. Their CBD products are in the higher price range, offering everything from CBD hair masques and toner to CBD for pets to provide relief to your favorite furry friends. High Cool Cat's mission is to fill the gap they saw in the cannabis and smoking accessory industry - the lack of creative, un-tacky, and accessible accessories. You can purchase their entire collection exclusively online through their website here. Their price point is mid-range, with CBD products ranging from $24.99 to $99 for a full kit.


At Toastyy, their brand is about encouraging their "Toastyy Babes" to stand tall and strong, striving to use plant power to make them feel empowered to be their best selves. They offer a variety of CBD products in different collections named for their effects: Glow Up, Feel Good, Chill Out, Look Good, and Bundle Up to combine your favorite products. This CBD skincare company has bath bombs, tinctures, toners, and supplements to find the perfect form for your routine. You can purchase their products online through their official website here. Their prices range from $15.99 for bath bombs to $139.99 for a bundle.

Kush Queen

Kush Queen is a multifaceted cannabis brand and CBD skincare company. The brand was founded in hopes of addressing a market the cannabis industry was ignoring: products with "true efficacy and repeatable effects" that represent a diverse and inclusive clientele, including women and LGBTQ+ communities. They offer a wide variety of products - from transdermal topicals like CBD serum, shower gel, and makeup to flower, pre-rolls, and edibles. Kush Queen is available around the country - you can find products near you with their store locator. Their products range in price from ~$16 - $60.

Lord Jones

Lord Jones is a luxury brand in the CBD skincare market. was born from a desire to normalize cannabis and create luxury CBD products for consumers to experience the "life-changing possibilities of this enigmatic plant." Their philosophy is that personal wellness should not be a chore, but a ritual - a touch of luxury to enjoy every day. Their products include bath and body care like bath salts, lotion, and oil and skin care products like eye cream, moisturizer, face oil, and lip balm. In terms of ingestibles, Lord Jones offers full-spectrum tinctures, gel capsules, and fruit-flavored gumdrops. Their products can be found online and in various spas and boutiques around the country. For their CBD skincare, prices range from $12-$95.

Mary Jane's Medicinals

While working as a massage therapist in the small town of Telluride, Mary Jane's Medicinals founder Dahlia Mertens began infusing massage oil with cannabis to treat her aid her client's relaxation, muscle soreness, skin irritation, and low mood. Today, her company has expanded to spread the power of plant medicine in the form of a CBD skincare private label. Mary Jane's Medicinals offers various products infused with THC and CBD, as well as some CBD-only favorites. Their product line includes salves, bath bombs, their signature "lip bong" balm, massage oil, tinctures, and bath soaks. While their full line, including THC-infused products, is available at dispensaries in Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Nevada, their CBD-only products (dubbed Mary Jane's Botanicals) are available at their online store. Prices range from $7-$110.

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