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Former Olympics gold medalist Ross Rebagliati is all in on Canada's new pot law

Celebrities Posted Oct 21 2018

The Olympian famous for winning the first gold medal in men's snowboarding 20 years ago is also famously a cannabis consumer and advocate around Canada. Ross Rebagliati's famous story had him winning the gold, having his medal revoked when tested positive for cannabis, then having his medal reinstated after officials realized cannabsi was not listed as a banned substance at the time. His story is well known but not many may be aware of his medical marijuana business, Ross' Gold, a Canadian business focused on CBD and home growing kits. Ross is also advocating for the World Anti-Doping Agency to remove cannabis from the list of banned drugs. Ross says though he swears he stopped smoking cannabis a year before his Olympic events, the plan itself has great anti-inflammatory properties that can be used for healing athletes. If alcohol and tobacco are permitted without any positive medical value, why not allow a natural and helpful substance?

"If athletes are allowed to use alcohol and tobacco, which are proven to be dangerous for health reasons,” he says, “then there is no good reason, really, why athletes shouldn’t be able to use a healthy, natural product that helps them perform at a higher level.”

Original article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2018/10/20/marijuana-canada-ex-gold-medalist-ross-rebagliati-carries-torch/1709903002/

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