Concentrates: What is Mixed Micron Rosin?

Concentrates: What is Mixed Micron Rosin?

Published on 8/2/22

Concentrates can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're new to cannabis. With seemingly limitless terminology, many different types, and ways of consuming and producing, it's easy to get confused. What is mixed micron rosin? Chances are good that you'll hear about mixed rosin sooner or later since it's an increasingly popular option. So, let's break down what mixed micron rosin is. What is a micron? What is rosin? Find answers to all these questions below.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate rich in THC produced by placing cannabis plant material under intense heat and pressure without solvents. The use of solvents can sometimes compromise the integrity of the resulting concentrate. It can even be harmful if not appropriately completed, so rosin is considered a reliable, safe form of cannabis concentrate. Rosin, the final product, is a thick, oily syrup that is often a greenish-yellow color. Not only is rosin safe, but it's also very effective. Most rosin you can find in legal dispensaries across the United States and Canada have a THC concentration between 75% and 85% - that's a lot of THC. As a general rule of thumb, rosin is roughly four times more potent than traditional cannabis flower. The most common way to use rosin is to smoke, vape, or dab, although some people also use it to make edibles.

What are Microns and Micron Bags?


The microns part of "mixed micron rosin" describes the size of particles that can pass through a filtration system made for creating rosin. Micron bags are a specific type of bag used to filter concentrated rosin during creation. There are many micron bags, the difference being the particle size allowed to pass through the mess. The screen size used to collect the concentrate is called the micron grade. Different sizes of microns allow for other qualities and quantities of rosin, the final product of the process. The different micron sizes are called micron ratings and are identified by the variable "u." Standard micron ratings include 73u, 90u, and 140u. But what does 90u mean?

90u Rosin Meaning

If the micron grade of a bag is 90u, then any particle that size or small will pass through the mesh and be part of the final rosin. As a general rule of thumb, lower micron ratings result in rosins of higher quality; however, lower micron ratings also result in lower yields (although yield differences are not substantial and are sometimes insignificant). 90u hash rosin meaning that the only trichomes within the rosin are exactly 90u, is considered by many to be the most premium rosin available. It is thought to have the thinnest membrane with the highest concentration of terpenes and THC.

Normal Rosin vs. Mixed Micron Rosin

There is an argument, however, for mixed micron rosin over regular rosin at 90u. Because 90u rosin is considered premium, it has a higher price tag than mixed micron rosin. Yet, mixed micron rosin contains a much more comprehensive range of cannabinoids (because different micron ratings pull in compounds from within the trichomes), resulting in a full spectrum hash rosin. Of course, this leads to yet another question. What does full spectrum mean? Total spectrum products are lauded as the most beneficial because of the entourage effect, wherein the hundreds of compounds within cannabis work together to create the best possible side effects, recreationally and medically speaking.

Mixed micron rosin also has nearly as much THC content as regular rosins between 90u and 120u. And because a wider variety of cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds are found in mixed micron rosin, there's also an argument that mixed micron rosin tastes better. Additionally, unlike typical rosin, mixed micron rosin can be made using fresh frozen materials or dried and cured materials. The result is that you can either purchase mixed micron rosin as live rosin or as dry-cured rosin, meaning there are more ways to make it (making it more accessible).

Top Mixed Micron Rosins on the Market

When we talk about mixed micron rosins, Olio is the first brand that comes to mind. Olio's collection of premium rosins is outstanding, and their mixed micron selection is no different. They have a cold cure, jam, and batter mixed micron rosin, providing you with many different ways to consume this fantastic product. Olio has rosin for recreational and medical use across Colorado, and their medical products can also now be found in a few New Mexico locations. Lazercat is another Colorado-based company beginning to understand the potential of mixed micron rosin. Unfortunately, while it's become an increasingly popular rosin option, mixed micron rosin has not yet become commonly available in most states. Keep checking in with Where's Weed for updates as the trend continues, though, so we expect to see more mixed micron rosin pop up in dispensaries soon.

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