Concentrates 101: What is Full Melt Six Star Bubble Hash?

Concentrates 101: What is Full Melt Six Star Bubble Hash?

Published on 11/6/22

There are many different ways to consume a more concentrated form of THC than your traditional flower. While the average THC percentage of flower ranges between 15-30% THC, concentrates can range from 50-100% THC. Many people prefer concentrates - besides the increased THC levels - because of the preserved terpenes (and thus the superior taste) and some purported health benefits, like lessened lung damage, over traditional smoking. These concentrates come in many forms via different extraction methods like shatter, wax, sugar, and bubble hash.

What Makes Bubble Hash Different?

Bubble hash is a unique concentrate due to its watery extraction. Unlike shatter or sugar, which are created by applying heat and pressure to the flower, bubble hash is made by submerging the flower in ice water and agitating the plant to freeze and break off the resin glands, which are then sifted through mesh sieves to discard any stray plant material. Like all concentrates, bubble hash potency is one of its strongest selling points, as well as its lack of residue in higher qualities.

Bubble Hash Ratings

In the cannabis industry, bubble hash (and other solventless hashes) are rated on a scale of one to six stars, with six being the highest quality. 1 to 2-star-rated bubble hash means that the concentrate is less than half trichome heads and stalks, with the rest comprised of plant debris and organic matter. Though these are not excellent quality for dabbing, these lower-rated bubble hashes are great for edibles, sometimes called "food-grade hash." On the market, 1 to 2-star-rated bubble hashes are rare to see.

Most commonly, you'll see three and four-star hashes on the market because higher qualities require incredibly well-grown flowers to make. These grades are also sometimes known as "half-melt" concentrates because they still contain plant debris and, therefore, will leave a residue behind when smoked. To use these half-melt concentrates, add potency to smoke flower or press into rosin for best results.

When your bubble hash comprises virtually only trichome heads and stalks and is free of all contaminants and residue, it is rated from 5 to 6 stars. True full melt hash should be rich with cannabinoids and have a very robust terpene profile. The key difference between 5-star and full melt 6-star bubble hash is that the real deal should leave no residue on the nail when dabbed, hence the name "full melt."

Reaching the highest grade can be difficult, but it can be achieved with the right starting cannabis product and extraction and filtration processes.

Six-Star/Full Melt Hash


In addition to being extremely clean, full melt hash is one of the best concentrates for retaining as much of the plant's terpene profile as possible, making for great taste and a beautiful aroma.

Full melt, six-star bubble hash is solventless, contaminant, and residue-free. The term "full melt" refers to the hash's cleanliness, ability to melt without leaving residue, and richness of cannabinoid profile. Full melt bubble hash prices will be much more expensive than lower-quality concentrates.

In terms of how to make full melt bubble hash, ice water extraction is the most common method. True full melt hash should be comprised of only the best trichome heads and stalks with a medium to high potency and zero contaminants. The plant material must be grown and appropriately sourced, meaning your bud is completely clean of bugs, contaminants, or mold. While growers have some contention over whether to use frozen or dried cannabis, clean filtration is key to the highest quality concentrate. The final step in how to make 6-star hash is to dab it and see if there's any residue left. The nail should be clean after evaporation if your hash is top-tier. If there's any char or residue left over after your hit, you haven't quite reached the perfect hash.

Where to Find it

When trying to find the perfect six-star, dry ice hash full melt for yourself, be sure to consider the source and inquire as much about their growing and sorting process as possible to determine its worth. Here are a few of our favorite places to find the real thing to try at home:

Once you have it for yourself, take it home and do the full melt test. If it's residue-free, congratulations - you're smoking on the best of the best.

Have you ever tried full-melt, six-star bubble hash? What's your favorite brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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