What is Sugar Wax Cannabis Concentrate?

What is Sugar Wax Cannabis Concentrate?

Published on 10/22/22

Have you ever heard of sugar? It's a concentrate, but what is the difference between sugar and other concentrates? How is marijuana Sugar any different from options like shatter or crumble? Concentrates take many forms; sometimes, they can look and feel incredibly similar. To clear the air, let's go over what Sugar concentrate is and how it compares to other concentrates on the market.

What Is Sugar?

Sugar wax is a cannabis concentrate often referred to in shorthand as "sugar." It is considered one of the purest cannabis concentrates on the market - the potency of Sugar Wax is roughly between 70-90% THC, depending on the creation process and what strains it is extracted from. It is similar to shatter and other cannabis concentrate made using the same extraction process. However, as the name suggests, sugar wax has a much different texture and consistency than shatter and other similar concentrates. Sugar is named after its consistency, which feels like wet sugar that has only partially begun to dissolve. And while the color is the same as shatter - golden/yellow - its flavor profile is considered much richer and robust (and is usually preferred over other concentrates for this reason), and it's also less sticky and therefore is easier to use without making a mess.

How to Make Sugar Wax

One of the reasons it's easy to get sugar confused with shatter is because they are made through the same extraction process. This extraction method requires heat purging and vacuuming. In a closed-loop tank, cannabis plant matter is flushed with either butane or ethanol (solvents), which releases the trichomes and separates other desired aspects of cannabis like the cannabinoids (THC). The solvent is removed from the solution via vaporization, and the remaining plant matter is your concentrate. It should be noted that this can be a dangerous process and should be left to professionals.

Unlike shatter, however, sugar can accidentally be made. Suppose you've created shatter and left it alone for a long time. In that case, the concentrated wax will begin to undergo a crystallization process in which the lipids break down and separate from the cannabinoids. Once the crystallization process is complete, your shatter will have effectively transformed into THC Sugar Wax.

How to Smoke Sugar Wax Weed

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Like with most concentrates, the best way to smoke sugar is to dab it. For this, you'll need a dabbing rig, a dab nail, and a lighter (we highly recommend a butane torch). To dab Sugar Wax, you first need to connect your dab nail to the rig and heat it. Once the nail is bright red hot (roughly 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), let it cool for roughly 30 seconds, then place your sugar onto the nail inside of the dome. At that point, slowly inhale the vapor created from the concentrate. Once you've taken a hit, we recommend quickly cleaning your dab nail of excess concentrate to keep your rig clean and ready for the next session.

If you don't have a dab rig, you can use Sugar Wax Weed to top off a bowl or add to your joint or blunt. Just sprinkle a little bit on top of whatever you're smoking, and make sure not to put the flame too close to the sugar when you light it (or else it might catch fire and burn out quickly). Then, you enjoy your bowl or joint like you usually would - you'll just experience an extra kick of potency.

Sugar vs. Wax and Crumble

As we've stated several times throughout this article, there are slight differences between sugar and other concentrates. A few key reasons why it is often preferred over Wax and Crumble. Here are the key differences and the key reasons why you should give Sugar Sauce Wax a try.

It mostly comes down to texture and what everything is best used for. Sugar Wax concentrate, as described above, has a texture similar to slightly wet sugar, making it much less sticky than other options. It's malleable and has a very refined flavor. Wax is similar but usually has more sheen and is even less sticky. The overall texture is creamier, and the flavors are enjoyable but not quite refined.

Crumble, however, has a very dry texture (which is why it's called crumble). Because of how dry it is, it's incredibly easy to add on top of bowls and joints. It generally tastes harsher than sugar and is also more likely to be cheaper; however, it matches Sugar THC in potency and can have up to 90% THC.

Are you a fan of marijuana Sugar Wax? Let us know how you smoke it and why you prefer it over other concentrates like wax and crumble. Comment below.

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