Meet Big Mike, the multi-millionaire legal marijuana entrepreneur who is trying to be the new 'King of Instagram'

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Published on 9/1/15

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Marijuana investors are going public more and more as the stigma behind marijuana goes up in smoke. Now more popular than ever, one major investor in the marijuana industry is looking to be a public icon on instagram ontop of his already millionaire status and sporting the title CEO of his own marijuana company. After starting his own lawn fertilizing company at age 19, he only went up from their and his empire of a marijuan business now makes products for marijuana manufacturers and growers allover. Now the multi-millionaire prefers to show off his lifestyle via instagram with pictures of private jets, models, and yes, lots of marijuana.

One entrepreneur is on his way to becoming the new King of Instagram with wild social media postings of scantily-clad ladies, private jets, and cannabis. 
Michael Straumietis, the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in developing marijuana-specific nutrients and supplements