Marijuana Exhibit Opening At Oakland Museum Of California

Marijuana Exhibit Opening At Oakland Museum Of California

Published on 4/13/16

A new exhibit is emerging tomorrow at the Oakland Museum of California called, Altered State: Marijuana in California. The exhibit will follow the long and misguided history of cannabis, from propaganda like Reefer Madness, to the stoner comedies of Cheech and Chong. The exhibit is not meant to support a specific ballot measure for legalization, but instead provide a place to promote discussion for personal opinions and experiences with marijuana. Part of the exhibit will show potential revenue that the marijuana industry can bring a given state. 

“But, we are interested in giving Californian’s a place to have good conversations about the issue as we lead up to the vote in November,” Seiter said.

The museum wants to use history to advance issues that are being talked about – even argued about in modern times.

“It’s by looking at these stories of the past that we can glean the lessons that we can bring forward…into the decisions we’re making today,” Kelly McKinley, Director of Curatorial at the museum said.

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