These famous athletes are advocating for marijuana as a workout tool

These famous athletes are advocating for marijuana as a workout tool

Published on 2/29/16

Due to it's very restricted classification as a schedule 1 drug, marijuana and it's effects on the human body have lacked serious scientific research, however many professional athletes have become advocates for the plant's ability to drive many aspects of their game. Michael Phelps is possilby one of the most well known athletes around the world, which is why so many were surprised to find out he indulges in marijuana. Studies even show that that tokers who deeply inhale don't damage their lungs as previously thought, but instead the deep breathing acts as excercise. Professional wrestler Rob Van Dam, professional snowboarder Ross Rebagliati and NBA star Cliff Robinson are also advocates who have proven that marijuana can bring an edge to both their practice routine and even live performances.

“If I want to relax and just chill out, consuming cannabis can help with that,” Van Dam said. “If I want to be active, if I’m going to go work out or have a match, then it can help with that, too.”

“As an athlete, there’s a lot of repetitive working out that goes on,” said Rebagliati, 44, “and going to the gym two, three hours a day for five days a week for years on end” gets monotonous. “To be able to spice it up in a natural way for an athlete is the best possible thing.”

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