Smoking vs Vaporizing vs Eating Marijuana?

Smoking vs Vaporizing vs Eating Marijuana?

Published on 10/9/16

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years and can be consumed primarily in 3 different ways, smoking, vaping, or eating. There are pros and cons to each method of consumption, but you might find trying out a different method could help you enjoy your buds even more. The primary way people consume marijuana is smoking. While the high-temp smoke can introduce carcinogens and be more harmful to your lungs, the effects are nearly instant and can be stronger than other methods. Vaporizing is growing more popular as legal marijuana markets expand and consumers are trying new products. Vaporizers vary in quality and features depending on price, but a fine tuned low-temp hit can produce less carcinogens than smoking, while also providing a more flavorful and efficient hit. Eating marijuana edibles is the third and final method of consuming cannabis, and while some prefer the effects, improper dosing has caused some unneccessary controversy. By eating marijuana edibles, you're getting as much of the medical benefits as possible, while also removing the risk to your lungs from smoking. The downside of edibles is the wait time. The user can expect to wait from 30-60 minutes before feeling any effects, and the high can last anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on dosing and user tolerance. 

If you choose to vaporize, it is important to find a high quality vaporizer for weed. Pick a vaporizer that has proper temperature control settings, so that you can fine tune the temperature to your liking.

Eating marijuana is a great way to get all of the medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant. When you eat marijuana it takes longer to feel the effects, and the effects also last much longer.

However, on the other hand if your using marijuana recreationally. Smoking marijuana gives you the most instant high compared to eating or vaping it. In my opinion it is also a stronger high as well

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