Wine Industry Finds a Companion in a Competitor: Marijuana

Wine Industry Finds a Companion in a Competitor: Marijuana

Published on 4/14/17

The marijuana industry seems nearly unstoppable as it continues to grow around the United States, but some are concerned it's growth could be a threat to other competing industries. With wine and beer companies running the intoxicating substance industry, should alcohol companies be worried about the up and coming products? Some winemakers see the marijuana industry as less of a competitor and more of a companion. The unique qualities sought after by wine enthusiasts are similar to the unique characteristics possessed by different strains of cannabis, and therefore have attracted many of the same consumers. The high end marijuana industry is already budding and some are even trying to highlight certain climates and locations as preferred growing spots for marijuana just like wine.

“There are different flavors and bouquets to good weed, and different strains that elicit different effects,” he added. “There are real body highs, and real stony highs, and there are highs that are cerebral and ethereal. There are levels of socializing that can be enhanced or inhibited, depending on the strength and the amount you smoke.”

“Our world revolves around intoxicants, but it also revolves around flavor,” he said. “Just as we look at wine, we might look at a bud and dissect its aroma and characteristics.”

Like wine, marijuana is an agricultural product, and where it is grown can determine its character.

“How you grow it really affects the flavor and the high of the pot,” Mr. Coturri said. “If it’s grown in a greenhouse, it’ll be a lot different than if it’s grown in the hills. It thrives in certain soils and with a long growing season.”

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