Girl Scouts to decide whether cookie seller near marijuana dispensary broke any rules

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Published on 2/5/18

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In states with newly legalized cannabis laws sales are up and so are the munchies! A San Diego Girl Scout was seen selling Girl Scout Cookies outisde of a local dispensary and her cheery presence has received mixed reviews. While many customers were surely happy to see her the Girl Scouts organization is concerned she may have broken some rules. The primary concern is that she was breaking the rule of selling cookies in a commercial area, but is anyone truly upset about this? The Girl Scout may have some awards revoked if the organization decides the she is breaking this rule again, but theres no doubt that she or her family were onto a brilliant idea. In the end, supporting Girl Scouts is always beneficial for all parties and everyone deserves to enjoy their Girl Scout Cookies.

Urbn Leaf founder Will Senn said the girl was with her parents and was just passing by with her wagon. He said he likes to support local fundraising efforts.

"Cannabis is now legal in California and a direct result of that is the munchies a lot of times," he joked.