Flower To The People: How Weed Can Help You In The Gym

Flower To The People: How Weed Can Help You In The Gym

Published on 2/20/19

Pre-workout drinks were all the rage in 2018 because they actually gave you the power to get through your workout. They also often came a high anxiety cost of freaking out mid squat or feeling like you were about to crash and burn after 40 minutes on an elliptical. Many athletes and sports enthusiasts are reaching for edibles or a smoke before and after their workouts these days. So what’s the deal with weed and the gym?

Pre-workout sativa is said to relax you and go into a controlled mediational place. This stuff is great when smoked before yoga, meditation, and even cardio. Indica strains, on the other hand, are best for post-workout buzz and are great for recovery and relaxation. Gone are the days of sitting on the couch with a gourmet selection of cheetos and reese’s cups while watching Half-Baked. Hello, to the herb of choice for snowboarders, footballers, surfers, mixed-martial arts fighters, and even Michael Phelps. Yeah, you read that right. The most successful and decorated Olympian every, Michael Phelps, smokes weed and works out.

Oh yeah, and it also aids in weight loss. How? Well, if you forgo that 175 calorie weekend warrior, post-workout beer and just grab a smoke - well, you aren’t ruining the calories you just burnt on said workout, right? Hence, you’ll start to lose weight. Just don’t grab cheetos after your run.

You can even join your fellow weed workout enthusiasts at the 420 games this year, “a series of unique athletic events taking place in cities like Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco & Pittsburg” that promote the healthy and responsible use of cannabis. If you really do fancy a beer, don’t worry. The event offers a beer tasting garden after the games, too. Either way, it’s a good way to smoke some weed and whistle while you workout.

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