Guide to Having a Successful Wake & Bake

Guide to Having a Successful Wake & Bake

Published on 5/30/21

The way you start your morning is paramount. It's all about waking up well-rested, having a healthy, filling breakfast and setting yourself up for a day of success that is ahead of you. While all of those things are important, where can one bring marijuana into this equation effectively? Many people associate waking and baking with the lazy stoner only, but marijuana can actually have positive benefits for a busy day ahead as well. Here at Where's Weed we've got you covered on how to have a successful day whether you're lounging at home or are off to the office. 

What Does Wake and Bake Mean?


The term "wake and bake" caught its momentum in the 1990s and simply means that you take part in the act of consuming marijuana directly after waking up. This usually takes place in your bed, as the veteran stoner will have their favorite bong or bowl packed with a yummy, delicious strain waiting to be smoked. Many people swear by the fact that a good dose of THC can be just as effective and uplifting as a tasty cup of coffee and about 22% of Americans say that they take part in this wake and bake ritual. 

Just like anything with marijuana, the research is still in its infancy which means there are many unknowns surrounding it. One of those includes the fact that weed seems to get the user the most stoned right out of the gates in the AM. Why is this idea floating around, you may ask? Some claim that the body has been without nutrients for several hours as you sleep, so it hits the body harder. Others simply chalk this up as an illusion, as the body is still waking up and is simply just hitting a groggy mind and body

How to Have Yourself a Great Wake and Bake


There is always going to be some trial and error, especially when it comes to playing around with a substance such as marijuana. It's all about finding a balance and something that works for you. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Pick the Right Strain

This may be the single, most important part of the whole process. For an uplifting experience, you're going to want to lean into your favorite sativa strain. You need an upper to feel energetic, creative and most importantly - focused. This holds especially true if you plan on a wake and bake before work. If you choose anything besides a nice sativa, you're going to mellow out and most likely relax too much, leading to not getting anything done for the day. Even if you aren't off to the 9 to 5 life, you want to be somewhat productive and not just spend a hazy day on the couch. Bottom line? Ditch the indica if you want things to get done. 

Eat Something Delicious 

Once you have ripped the bong or taken a few hits from your bowl, now is the time to have fun in the kitchen and cook up something hearty and delicious. This is a key step in the whole process because you need food to function at maximum capacity for the day. Eating something delicious like pancakes, French toast or a bagel sandwich or any other recipe from your wake and bake cookbook will help you level out a buzz if it happens to get too intense. It can also help you sustain your high and keep you going all day long. What else do you need from a wake and bake session? Your food always tastes the best when a bit stoned, so eat!

Hydration is Key


This goes without saying, but drinking water is especially important when consuming marijuana. We all know that weed does have some negative side effects and those include the likes of dry eyes and a dry, cottonmouth. No one likes either of these things so grab your favorite water bottle and park it right by your side for the entirety of the wake and bake session (and at all times, really). Hydration will always leave you feeling less groggy, and the main benefits of wake and bake include an increase in productivity, creativity and mood, so make sure you drink that H20!

Watch Out for Potency

We already touched on the fact that leaning towards a sativa strain is probably the best idea for those early mornings, where you are looking to get after it and seize the day. What is also paramount here is the THC percentage and the THC: CBD ratio. Unless you are quite the veteran when it comes to cannabis, you don't need to light up with a strain that has a THC content of 30%. You want to save yourself from any paranoia or racing thoughts, or any other additional side effects that are going to hinder a good day. Reaching for a nice strain with a juicy CBD content (and lower THC content)will always help to keep the psychoactive feelings away while still putting your mind into clarity and ease. 

Set the Tone 

There aren't always many things that you can control, but in this case, you can definitely control your environment to ensure a great day is ahead. You always want to be in the right headspace, so if that means throwing on your favorite artist or playlist to get started, then do it. If there is a podcast that will get the creative juices flowing, put that on and go ahead and light your favorite candle. Ambiance is key and having your mind focus on something else, like your favorite album, can keep any weird, lingering thoughts or feelings away for the day

Do you wake and bake? What are some of the things you do to ensure a good day? Let us know how we can improve ours in the comments below. 

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